Phoenix Blogger Series: Indie Stitch

As what is described as a collaborative to help push local fashion forward, Indie Stitch creates an outlet for local bloggers and fashion fans to experience all that Phoenix has to offer.

While Phoenix isn’t globally known as a fashion capital, the local style scene is definitely something to consider. Without the help of internationally known magazines and style icons, Phoenix’s main fashion expression comes from its local bloggers and followers.

Indie Stitch creator Dustin Hoyman started out in the marketing field and always had a taste for fashion and a passion for art. But it wasn’t until his first run at Phoenix Fashion week nearly four years ago that he really jumped into the local fashion scene.

“I kind of tripped and fell into it,” Hoyman said. “I just fell in love with it, fell in love with the people and just really wanted to support it.”
Photo courtesy of Hoyman
Born and raised in Phoenix, Hoyman’s love of the city is what fueled him to bring awareness to all the local art. He saw the potential the valley had to really become a staple in the fashion world on a larger scale.

“I really want to bring fashion into Phoenix,” Hoyman said. “Nobody gives Phoenix any credit…we have a uniqueness to us and it’s always growing and getting better.” 

Indie Stitch came about in the last few years from Hoyman’s innate desire to bring attention to Phoenix fashion even though as Hoyman said he isn’t as into the fashion specifically as he is into the whole scene.

Thuy An Bui, a contributing blogger for Indie Stitch, said the blog is all about support for local art, whether it’s fashion trends or events and it’s the devotion of the bloggers that has made it such a well-known aspect of Phoenix fashion and style.

“Phoenix really has something but we haven’t done as much in the past to promote it on a wider scale.” Bui said. “With Indie Stitch we want people to see that we have a real fashion scene here and there’s more to Phoenix than what people expect.”       

Hoyman said he wanted to bring in contributors to his site to really expose them to the industry and bring more and more notoriety to their ideas and writing. He said Indie Stitch was and is about connections.

“Everybody wants to support each other…It’s more based on community than competition,” Hoyman said. “Most people want to help build this community and push it forward.”
Photo courtesy of Scottsdale Fashionista
Indie Stitch has proven itself to be a real outlet for the local fashion community and continues to grow and bring attention to the Phoenix style scene.

Vanja Veric


Victoria's Secret Diamond Bra: 1996 - 2011

When peeling back a woman’s clothing, what she wears beneath her Chanel dress or Rag & Bone jeans characterizes who she is when no one is looking. Stripped down, undergarments define a woman’s sacred identity. In an act of flaunting the concealed, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show features an annually-crafted, diamond-themed bra that epitomizes a woman’s beauty and opulence.

The first diamond bra was introduced in 1996, a year after the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show debut, as the Million Dollar Miracle Bra.  It was worn by Claudia Schiffer and drizzled in diamonds from strap to under-wire, costing $1,000,000. Schiffer wore the bra in a photo shoot, but the bra was not presented on the runway. 

The following year, Tyra Banks wore the $3,000,000 white diamond, Diamond Dream Bra, which, although pricier than its predecessor, also did not appear on the runway.  

Maintaining the trend in price-tag raising, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show presented the Dream Angle Bra in 1998, worth $5,000,000 worn by Daniela Pestova, and the diamond-encrusted, star-studded $10,000,000 Millennium Bra adorned by Heidi Klum in 1999.

Next came the Red Hot Fantasy bra and panty set, a $15,000,000 lingerie coupling that broke the Guinness World Records book as the most expensive underwear in the world.  More than 1,300 stones including Thai rubies garnished the red satin bra, which was worn in 2000 by Gisele Bundchen in a photo shoot, and also did not grace the runway.

In her second time around, Heidi Klum broke the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show spell when she wore the $12,500,000 Heavenly Star Bra on the runway. The 2001 million-dollar bra was drenched in 1,200 Sri Lankan pink sapphires and a 90-carat, emerald-cut diamond. 

After Klum set the standard, the 2002 Star of Victoria Fantasy Bra, valued at $10,000,000 worn by Karolina Kurkova, and the 2003 Very Sexy Fantasy Bra, the third million-dollar bra donned by Klum, were shown on the runway.  The Very Sexy Fantasy Bra was worth $11,000,000 and featured the second largest diamond in the world, a 70-carat diamond.

In 2004, Tyra Banks wore her second coveted Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show bra, which cost $10,000,000 with a 70-carat pear-shaped diamond placed at the center of the bra.  After Banks debuted the Heavenly “70” Fantasy Bra, Gisele Bundchen also modeled her second million-dollar bra, the 2005 Sexy Splendor Fantasy Bra that was worth $12,500,000 in diamonds, ruby gemstones and white gold.

The onset of dramatic Victoria’s Secret wings under way, Karolina Kurkova strut down the runway at the 2006 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show wearing the Hearts on Fire Diamond Fantasy Bra and a matching set of wings. The $6,500,000 bra was comprised of more than 2,000 diamonds, complete with a 10-carat diamond-brooch centerpiece. 

In 2007, Selita Ebanks was dressed in the $4,500,000 Holiday Fantasy Set, which as she described was not as pretty as it looked.

“Yeah, diamonds hurt,” she said in an interview with huffingtonpost.com.  “I don’t know about wearing diamonds on your crotch.”

The set included the bra, thong and garter, which were embellished with diamonds, rubies, emeralds and yellow sapphires.

“It’s like you’re walking and scraping,” she said.  “This is not cohesive to get a man.  No man wants a scratchy vagina.”

Adriana Lima came next in 2008 after the holiday vixen, wearing the Black Diamond Fantasy Miracle Bra.  The black-diamond bra, worth $5,000,000, was designed by celebrity jeweler Martin Katz who jeweled the bra with 3,575 black diamonds, 117 one-carat round diamonds and 34 rubies.

Also dripping in diamonds was the 2009 Harlequin Fantasy Bra that was worn by Marissa Miller and had 2,300 diamonds with a 16-carat, heart-shaped diamond pendant as the focal point.

The Bombshell Fantasy Bra, modeled in the 2010 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show by Adriana Lima, was next in line for the million-dollar bra title. Six Diani craftsmen spent more than 1500 hours to complete the $2,000,000 bra comprised of more than 3,000 white diamonds, light blue sapphires and oval-shaped topazes, which were all set in 18-karat white gold.

Continuing the celebratory expression of femininity, Miranda Kerr will wear a $2,500,000 bra on the runway Nov. 29 during the television debut of the 2011 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.  The Fantasy Treasure Bra features yellow diamonds, white diamonds, citrines, aquamarines, pearls, white gold and yellow gold.  Accessorized with a touch of everything, the Fantasy Treasure Bra preserves the legacy revealing the grandeur and elegance beneath every woman’s surface.

Jessica Abercrombie
All photos courtesy of Fashionista

The aftermath of Black Friday

I’ll admit that I was a little bit crazy to volunteer to work Black Friday, but money is money right? Though trying to park to clock-in on time for my shift was a challenge and so was weaving my way through the mall between ladies’ massive Victoria’s Secret bags, parents wielding huge toy boxes from Target and everything else on sale being dragged down the walkways.
I work at Justice, but that didn’t mean the clearance-searching maniacs steered clear of the store looking for better bargains, because in reality, the store was ultimate chaos.

The store looked much like any other 40% off sale or super clearance sale we ever have plus about ten times the people looking for holiday gifts, birthday gifts for next summer just because it was cheap, and parents taking their kids on shopping sprees and taking advantage of the sales.

Seeing all of the shoppers did make me jealous and the food court was just as insane and packed full of people and things. I should have contemplated going shopping instead because work was nothing short of hectic.

I remember a few years back, my mother and I had woken up at 4 a.m. to get the cheapest deal on Kitchen Aid mixers at Kohl’s. Apparently everyone else had seen the commercial on TV as well, because when we got there all they had was a huge line stretching around the entire store and sales that weren't worth waiting in line for. I don’t remember exactly, but I’m pretty positive we just went home after that.

Aside from working today and that one Kohl’s venture in the past, I haven’t really taken any intense trips to brave the Black Friday crowds unless I find something I really need or want for a great price, which is rare.

Things I have learned: Get up early because you still have a tiny chance at getting what you woke up for, be prepared to be patient and focused because everyone else wants what you want and make a list of what you’re after. I definitely lost count of how many parents walked into Justice today asking if we have any more of that one blue sweater you have to buy for all the girls in the family or if I can check back stock for the extra purses, because honestly, someone probably got to them first.

For those who were not braving the cold weather Friday morning, be sure to check out all the insane online deals today for Cyber Monday!!

Ashley Loose


Phoenix Blogger Series: Pink Slip Style

With bubblegum pink borders, colorful photos of chic ready-to-wear outfits and anecdotal entries detailing inspirational looks, it isn’t difficult for fashion fanatics to get wrapped up in Pink Slip Style, a Phoenix fashion blog.

In a city where fashion has been moved to back burner at many local publications, a haven for style news is being made on the web with the help of fashion blogging.

When the style section at the Arizona Republic folded this year, Casey Hagarty and Ginger Murphy, style section contributors, took their talent to the web and launched their blog, Pink Slip Style.

“We both had worked for the style section and we felt that now there was no fashion outlet,” Hagarty said. “For some reason, fashion is being pulled out of publications because no one is investing in luxury like they used to.”

Hagarty, whose style can be described as “eclectic and vintage inspired” said that a blog seemed like the best way to get the word out about fashion news here in Phoenix.

The blog is not only a creative outlet for the two fashion savvy women, but a business venture as well.

“With this blog we have been able to connect with a lot of businesses and now public relations,” Hagarty said. “People are sending us press releases and we are getting deals with local boutiques.”

Hagarty mentioned the freedom involved with blog writing as opposed to working for a publication.

“When working for a publication it becomes obligatory to write about the advertisers,” Hagarty said. “You can’t try out the products and experience them when you are with a publication.”

With a fan base established while working for The Arizona Republic, Hagarty and Murphy realized that they have a voice in the fashion industry here in Phoenix. Already, there have been 75 people that have subscribed to their blog since it was first launched this July.

Kira Brown, editor of the style section at Desert Living Today, a magazine that focuses on design, architecture, fashion and art, also has her own Phoenix based fashion blog, fashionphoenix.com.

Brown has worked with Hagarty and Murphy through Desert Living Today by featuring several of their reviews in the magazine.

“I love their blog,” Brown said. “You have to have variety, and in my own blog I have featured other people, it’s not just about you but also the industry.”

A blog can be used as a platform to the next step in a career, Brown said. Her own blog led her to her job now as style editor.

“You never know who will be looking and reading,” Brown said.

For those looking to start up their own fashion blog, Hagarty has a tip:

     “If you don’t have a big budget, you have to be informative,” Hagarty said. “Start off making it about other people, bargains and shops.”

Though the economy left Hagarty and Murphy out of a job, their passion for style still survives. The header on their blog reads their new mantra, “laid off an looking good.”

Newlin Tillotson 


How To Survive Black Friday

Long lines, busy stores and brawls over the last pair of size eight half-priced Manolo Blahnik’s – Black Friday is crazy, but worth it. For most, Black Friday marks the start of holiday shopping and for retailers it brings in the most revenue compared to any other day of the year.  For the fashionista, the day is all about the deals. 
A line of deal-seekers waiting for Target to open.

In order to avoid stress, fatigue and physical harm (or maybe death, in 2008 a Wal-Mart employee was trampled to death when the store opened at 5:00 am on Black Friday) it would be helpful to follow some of these tips and tricks:

      1.     Plan ahead. Know the stores you want to shop at before heading out for the day. A planned out shopping trip will ensure good organization and secure you the best deals. If you have something specific you are looking for it will be best to find the prime time to visit the store to avoid long lines.

      2.     Dress for efficiency. Depending on where you are located in the country, it is best to wear clothing that will be easy to change in and out of in the dressing room.  Leggings are a good idea because you can try on pants over them without having to go into the dressing room. Leave the complicated button up shirts and long scarves at home.

      3.     Research the deals. Some stores have better deals than other. If you are looking for electronics, Black Friday is one of the best days to buy. Stores like Best Buy and Target usually have the most insane sales on laptops, cameras and televisions.

      4.     Shop in groups. The lines at many stores often snake out the door so if you have something you think you might buy but need to try on send a friend to wait in line for you that way you can cut down the wait time.

      5.     Understand the return policies. Some Black Friday deals are final sale. It would be unfortunate to splurge on an Alexander Wang bag to take it home and find a tear in the leather with no way to get your money back. If you understand the return policies it will help with decision making and avoiding possible future heartbreak. 

      It’s sure to be a crazy but successful day. Good luck this Friday fashionistas!

Newlin Tillotson 


Versace for H&M: A Match Made in Fashion Heaven

With so many designer-retailer collaborations going on, it’s hard to keep each of them straight. But one new collection is on every fashionista’s mind - “The Very Best of Versace” clothing line debuting at H&M this month!
H&M announced the limited edition fall collection partnered with the Italian powerhouse label back in June.

"Versace is one of the most important brands of recent times, and their collection for H&M will be glamorous and flamboyant — everything Versace stands for,” Margareta van den Bosch, creative adviser at H&M, said in a press release.

Feel like your fall wardrobe is missing some neon blocking, leather mini dresses or gold studs? Well this line is the answer to your prayers. The collection features early 90s designs that were originated by founder Gianni Versace, including traditional Greek motifs, palm trees and no shortage of leather, studs and beading.

Donatella Versace, the label’s chief designer, said in an interview with H&M that she “wanted this opportunity to show where Versace has been and where it is now.”

She told the Wall street Journal that the collection was an homage to Gianni and that he would love the clothes as well as the celebration of the brand as much as she does.

To celebrate the collaboration, Versace and H&M hosted a fashion show at New York’s Pier 57. The packed event boasted a star-studded guest list including Blake Lively, Uma Thurman and Zachary Quinto with after party performances by Nicki Minaj and Prince!

After the event, Versace told the Wall Street Journal “if Gianni was there, he would approve. It was so much fun.”

The line will debut in select locations November 19! If you want to take a peek at the rest of the line or see if any stores near you are stocking the collection, check out the H&M website.

Vanja Veric
All photos credit to H&M


Vince Camuto Trunk Show visits Arizona State

The Vince Camuto Holiday Fashion/ Trunk Show took place Wednesday at 8 p.m. with an audience of approximately 50 girls in Arizona State University’s Memorial Union.
Vince Camuto’s campus representative Tara Molina, put on the show and said that this was Vince Camuto’s first year on Arizona State’s campus and that the company is excited to get more involved.
Vince Camuto co-founded the brand Nine West and has also designed for Jessica Simpson, Tory Burch and BCBG.
The first 50 guests received Vince Camuto make-up bags as well as goodie bags that included nail polish, lip balm, a small coin purse, perfume and a Vince Camuto coupon. Sweets such as cupcakes and cookies were also served to those in attendance.
The room was decorated in Vince Camuto posters and predominately pink décor, from balloons to Vince Camuto tablecloths. A DJ, who was playing top-20 music, also accompanied the event.
The show began with a short fashion show of seven different Vince Camuto looks. The outfits featured statement necklaces, flowing tops, chunky heels and sequined dresses.
After the fashion show there was a raffle. Items being raffled off included two handbags, umbrellas, jewelry, gift cards and even a blanket.
Following the show guests were encouraged to stay and receive advanced screening passes and posters for the upcoming movie New Years Eve.
“I really enjoyed the free give-aways. I also liked the style of the clothes, especially all the sequins!” said Alex Kenyon, a sophomore at ASU who attended the event.

Jamie Killin  

'Fall'ing back into style, autumn trends are here to stay

This past Indian summer prolonged the much anticipated drop in temperature, as most of us seasonal fashionistas prayed for boot season to approach us sooner than it had. Fall and winter has arrived simultaneously here at Arizona State, but regardless of its tardiness the autumn season runway has finally graced us with its presence.

Kaloni Garcia, 19 and a sophomore at Arizona State, said “This fall I’m hoping to maintain my sense of colors as I include at least one vibrant accessory to dress up the neutrals everyone seems to stick to during the season." She then added that “Animal prints are an extremely trendy and an easy way to style up a warm outfit for the cold.”
Garcia adds a pop of orange to her outfit in a knitted vest.
The runway was keen on the use of patterns in its wardrobes during the fashion weeks. Mixing and matching patterns now turns heads for a different reason in that it exhibits a certain fashion initiative. This being so, the different textiles add dimension and the necessary warmth to an ensemble.

Caroline Hall, 19 and another sophomore at Arizona State, said “I take any opportunity I can to incorporate different styles into one, but always include my vintage accent pieces”. She also stated “Blazers and vests are a great way to layer in the season."
Hall add some socks to her boots for an extra cozy layer.
While last year’s focus color on the runway was camel, this fall gets bolder with rust as the tone of choice. This bronzed shade compliments almost any skin tone and helps to create a flexible canvas for additional use of the color palate.

As college students, convenience is our best friend, making the recent summer’s bohemian trend a god send as we are able to carry some of those pieces into the fall with us. A patterned head scarf can complement a seemingly drab outfit as well as make for an effortless look. Even a maxi skirt gets optimal use by throwing a baggy-yet chic sweater over top of it.

While fall is generally classified as a dark color season, the trend catches this mantra off guard by acknowledging the use of bright accent pieces - colored denim is a great way to channel your vivid side.  
As Coco Chanel always believed, “Fashion is architecture: it is a matter of proportions”. With that being said, falling back into trend can be made as simple as following this season’s runway blueprint. We may not see any leaves change color, but that doesn’t mean we don’t need to change ours!

Avery Robrock


30 Day Style Challenge: Defeated

My faithful followers,

I am sorry to inform you that I have in fact failed at my style challenge. I am not one to normally back down to a challenge, especially when I am publicizing it for all to see, but there is just no possible way for me to continue the challenge.

I seriously began to have anxiety about getting dressed because I was stressed about wearing one item more than another or just really not having enough variety in my day to day style.

I am very sad to say that I have truly let myself down. When I began this journey I laughed at those who doubted me, but turns out I should have listened to them, as this is just impossible for me.

But I did make it 15 days, which to me is pretty amazing so I am congratulating myself on that achievement. At least I know that if I go on vacation for two weeks I can definitely pack light and still be fashionable!

So for now I end this challenge in defeat, but I promise to continue shopping to enhance my wardrobe and hopefully not too far in the future I will be able to attempt the style challenge again.

Cortney Kaminski


Hunter Rain Boots Add Shine to Stormy Days

While most Arizonans prefer the dry heat the desert brings, I embrace the rain that occasionally visits us. Sadly, it is for only one reason: my Hunter rain boots.

While rainstorms are few and far between in the great state of Arizona, every fashionista should be prepared for whenever we might be faced with dreary weather.

That’s why I purchased these beauties:

Photo courtesy of Nordstrom
The Hunter 'Kellen' boot in cranberry. It was definitely love at first sight. I had always been drawn to the shiny rubber that Hunter boots are made from and I finally pulled the trigger this year.

Hunter was once a primarily Scottish company with mostly British clientele. The boots were designed to combat Europe’s rugged terrain and gloomy rainy days, but now Hunter offers their classic, colorful rubber boots worldwide.

The great thing about the rubber boot is that they come in many different colors and styles that could compliment any fashionista's wardrobe. Not to mention, who doesn’t love a little pop of color on a gloomy day? 

Ever since this purchase I find myself constantly checking the weather so I can wear them on the right day. The temperatures are finally starting to drop though and I cannot wait until I can break them in.

Some might be a little afraid of the color and patent rubber, but fear not fashionistas, there are many great ways you can style a Hunter rain boot. I put together some clothing sets and all of the looks feature versatile pieces of clothing that can be worn with the Hunter 'Kellen' boot or any other rubber galoshes.

Photo set courtesy of Polyvore
Photoset courtesy of Polyvore
Photoset courtesy of Polyvore
As you can see, rain boots are more versatile than most people think. Not only can these same outfits be worn on a rainy day with the accompaniment of a nice rain jacket, they can also be worn all year round.

My style closely resembles that of the first photo set, so whenever Arizona gets the slightest bit of rain, wind or clouds you can guarantee that you will see me combating the gloomy weather with my cranberry rain boots, skinny jeans, sheer blouse and oversized accessories.

Who knows, I might even throw in a patterned umbrella. Embrace the few seasonal changes we get in Arizona this season with a colorful, rubber rain boot, you won't be sad you did.

Haley Buntrock
Vice President


Japanese Teeth Trend, Yaeba, Coming to US

Botox. Check. Liposuction. Check. Fake tan. Check. Hair extensions. Check. Vampire teeth. Check?

We’ve all heard of those people who will go to any lengths to get the look they want, no matter how expensive or how long they have to spend under the knife. Recently, a new surgical trend has emerged out of Japan to allow women to get the look they want, and it’s probably not what you would expect.

Many Japanese women have taken on the challenge to have the best teeth they can with the help of some dental surgeons, and not only do they want them changed, they want them to look more imperfect. These women want to have a bright smile with two noticeable fangs on either side.

According to The New York Times, the most attractive teeth are those that aren’t flawlessly straight, like the type that Americans strive for by spending billions of dollars on aesthetic dentistry.

“In Japan crooked teeth are actually endearing, and show that a girl is not perfect. In a way, men find that more approachable than someone who is too overly perfect,” said Michelle Phan, a Vietnamese-American beauty blogger in Los Angeles, to The New York Times.

These fangs that everyone wants are referred to as “yaeba” in Japanese and many women and celebrities want them, which is why dentists are offering the service to “affix plastic fronts to their real teeth.”

Is this trend going to make its way to America? With our obsession with perfection, we’ll have to wait and see. 

Of course, The New York Times also pointed out that in some high-fashion scenes, imperfect or gap teeth are considered attractive, like a wide gap between the two front teeth. 

Dr. Emelia Zaslow, a communication studies professor at Pace University told The New York Times that a preoccupation with youth is one of the reasons for wanting imperfect fang teeth.

She told The New York Times, “The gaped tooth is sort of preorthodontic or early development, and the naturally occurring ‘yaeba’ is because of delayed baby teeth, or a mouth that’s too small...It’s this kind of emphasis on youth and the sexualization of young girls.”

Maybe there’s more to these teeth than just wanting to be less perfect, but for now, that’s up to you to decide. Would you add that to your list of work you need done after botox and a tummy tuck, or does it fall into the category of being just as fake as plastic surgery?

Ashley Loose
All photos/videos are credited to: Oddity Central


Industrie Denim Brings Denim Shopping to Another Level in Scottsdale

Industrie Denim took Scottsdale by storm on September 1st. A sister store to American Rags, Industrie Denim is a venture all of its’ own. With over eighty vendors and prices that are friendly to all wallet sizes.

“We’re not just another store, you come in and it’s an experience.” Manager Jen Bakst says about Industrie Denim. Bakst and her colleagues call themselves “jeaniuses” because they strive to know everything about the brand, cut and fabric of the jeans that they have in store and what works on different women’s figures. 

“My goal is three pulls and then we’re on the right track to finding the customer something they really like," said Bakst.
The passion behind the jeans adds to the unique help and service one gets from shopping at Industrie Denim. Jen made this clear with her own drive and love for jeans by saying, “ I enjoy jeans more than anything else, I think its that kind of aspect of being able to help somebody. I mean a lot of people can wear a top, not a lot of people can wear skinny jeans.” 
In addition to having a knowledgeable staff, Industrie Denim provides customers with the opportunity to check out their jeans from every angle with their “Booty Cam”. This is a single loop, non-recording camera that reflects the image into a mirror on the other side of the fitting room. 

“You can see without having to angle and distort your body,” says Jen. The store also provides a 3-way mirror, as well as two ceiling to floor mirrors so the customer can get the full effect of how the jeans look on their body.

Industrie Denim clearly goes to great lengths to create an experience for everyone that walks in. The eclectic mix of décor furthers the uniqueness of this store, even featuring décor specific to the city where it’s located. 

The Scottsdale store, for example, showcases country western elements while the San Francisco store has actual pieces from the Golden Gate Bridge. 

Industrie Denim is definitely a must-stop shop for any fashionistas searching for an amazing pair of jeans. The in-store experience created by the combination of décor, technology available and, of course, the “jeanius” staff make this store a great addition to the Arizona denim market.

Kathleen Etzel and Lindsay Viker


Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2011

Last night angels took to the runway, the Victoria's Secret Angels that is. The much-anticipated 2011 Victoria’s Secret runway show will hit televisions November 29th, but for now I will leave you with all the juicy details.

The angels were accompanied on stage with the likes of Nicki Minaj, Maroon 5, Kanye West and surprise guest Jay-Z.

USA Today states that there were “six themes, 31 pairs of wings, 38 models and a whopping 69 looks [walking] down the runway.”

According to USA Today the sections were Ballet, “Passion”, “Super Angels”, Aquatic, “I Put a Spell on You” and Club Pink. Among these categories, the 2.5 million dollar Fantasy Bra finally made its runway debut.

In order to get ready for this infamous runway show, according to NY Daily News, Adriana Lima does workouts like jump rope, weights and boxing to help be Angel prepared. On the other side of the spectrum, you had Chanel Iman that according to the Huffington Post gained 15 pounds to get ready to don the Angel Wings.

Located in New York’s’ State Armory the show didn’t disappoint with its usual big wings and extravagant clothing. The models took to the glittery runway with sequins and bright colors.

The show was full of celebrities and one of the events that seemed to stand out this year was the sweet standing ovation that Orlando Bloom gave to his wife Miranda Kerr.

Adam Levine also took the opportunity to grab his girlfriend, model Anne Vyalitsina, and step down the runway with her.  

The show ended full of colorful confetti and balloons, a perfect farewell till Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2012. Don’t forget to check it out November 29th on CBS, it is surely one for the books. 

Wear pink and Enjoy!

Cassie Castaneda

All photos credit to USA TODAY

Reasons for the High Prices on Some Fabrics

Have you ever questioned what it is that draws you to certain clothing items? Whether it is the color or the style that first catches your eye, the material always seems to be the deciding factor in your decisions on whether to head to the dressing room or not.
Photo credit: Splendid
Our sense of touch is just as important as how visually pleasing something is when discussing clothing. When you feel something as soft as a ’Splendid’ T-shirt, there’s a sense of warmth and comfort drawn from it. These clothing items that seem so plain and simple can cost more than you would think and you might question yourself as to why a basic T-shirt would be more than $20. The answer is simple; it’s all about the fabric.
The fibers that are used to make simple fabrics are actually quite complex. The natural fibers can be extracted from plants such as cotton or linen. Fibers also can be from animals for example wool or silk from insects. There are also synthetic fibers such as nylon, spandex and polyester. 
Manufactures spin the fibers into thread, yarn or rope and then weave it into clothing to produce textiles or fabric. The fabric is then dyed and once completed, the fabrics are then used to create the clothing you see in department stores.
This lengthy and delicate process made with natural resources adds to the price increase seen on the tag. After doing my research, I went out around ASU’s Downtown Phoenix Campus to see if fabrics and their link to higher prices affect college students’ purchases and if in fact fabric matters to them.
When I asked Malcolm Brinkley, a freshman at ASU, if fabric plays a role in his purchases he said, “I go for affordable clothing that feels nice. Fabric does affect the purchase for me, but I like to go for deals. If it feels good it feels good.”
When asked how important fabrics were in her clothing choice, Harley Zugbaum, a freshman at ASU, said, “Fabrics have a huge effect on what I buy. If something doesn’t feel good to me then I don’t feel good when I’m wearing it.”
Kathleen Etzel


30 Days of Style: Week Two

I'm not going to lie to you, this second week was definitely trying for me. To start off I lost one of my ten items, my black skirt, and therefore had to work with only nine pieces, which was no fun! But on top of that the challenges of weather came into play. You see, when I picked my items I assumed it was going to stay hot for at least a few more weeks, then this chilling weather seeped in and caught me slightly off guard. I found myself scrambling to find some chic tights to add to my warmer items, as my morning walk to class was quite nippy. But in the end I found my skirt!! Apparently my sister decided to "borrow" it without my permission. I am still debating if having a sibling your size is more of a plus or more of a hassle...

A hint of zebra for mundane Monday. 
Pops of pink pink pink!
My goth attempt, with a splash of pink.
Brrr, mama I need a bigger jacket!
Houndstooth - my favorite print!
When I grow up, I wanna be a flamingo.
Business chic for a day of meetings.
Cortney Kaminski