At Ease, Burberry

Burberry Prorsum's Fall 2010 Collection is a good example of some of the trends to expect in the coming season. I've seen a lot of military jackets in magazines, and colors that are in the common hues of green. Burberry uses above the knee boots that accentuate the different shapes of military coats they have going on in different pieces. Some good examples of the ones I thought were adorable are in the images above. I think military jackets are cute as long as they don't look too manly. You definitely don't want to look like a homeboy in combat boots. So, a combination of masculinity is okay, but a good ounce of feminine qualities is definitely set to make it a good outfit for outerwear in the Fall or Winter.

By Jacque

On my mind this week....

Nicole, Jessica, Avril...We all know that pretty much every celebrity has a clothing line out there right now. It almost seems that if you don't have a clothing line, you're not a bona fide celeb. There's nothing wrong with that except for one little detail, THEY DON'T DESIGN ANYTHING! All the celebrities do is look at the designs say, "Oh I don't like that one detail. Change it." Then the designer changes it, produces it and puts the celeb's name on it.

I was always skeptical about celeb lines. At FIDM's open house in November, they let us in on the secret when we met a girl who designs a lot of these lines. I don't know why this irritates me so much! Maybe because there are so many incredible designers who are able to whip up beautiful, wearable works of art with their own two hands. I don't think celeb "designers" deserve to be in that category.




In WWD's Spring Collection Magazine, one of the top five trends for Spring 2010 is tribal. One designer, whose entire collection has been inspired by this tribal theme, is Dries van Noten.

At Barney's last week, I saw Dries' new collection, which included: tribal harem pants, tribal-looking blouses and tank tops, and tribal skirts and shorts (all with patterns and bright colors).

A tribal look is all about these unique colorful patterns. Additionally, there are some great tribal pieces that you can add to a simple outfit, like a big beaded necklace, silver and turquoise cuffs, and Indian looking headbands with feathers.

These pieces are found in the mall, or you can find some vintage ones in old Native American stores, such as Grey Wolf in Old Town Scottsdale. All in all, go for tribal inspired clothing, and you'll be in this spring!



Hello ladies...

As you are all aware by now, I am obsessed with BCBG and Max Azria.

I just got an email from them this morning with all their New York Fashion Week info, and it just about made me melt.

I'll have to admit I wasn't especially impressed by Max Azria's runway show, but the collection online is to die for.

Take a look ladies and gents. This is a beautiful collection.

Looking forward to my next pay check,


Goodbye 2009!

While looking through Cosmo, and a few other mags, I saw the new spring trends of 2010 and I couldn't have been any more excited. Although, it wasn't so much what I was seeing in the glossy pages of those magazines that made me heart race with excitement. Instead, it was the promise that with the new trends of spring 2010 we will no longer have to see the fashion faux pas of 2009.

Lets take a look back shall we?

Shoulder Pads
Cool in the 80s' I guess. I do not understand why someone would want to wear something that would make them look like they have broad shoulders. Maybe that's just me.

Leggings that are made to look like jeans
I can't even explain why these are ugly, they are that bad.

Harem Pants
These keep coming back in to style again and again which baffles me. Maybe people are trying to look like Aladdin, or they want to look like they have a saggy ass.

Those may be the worst trends of 2009, even though there are many more to choose from, goodbye and good riddance!


Leggings/Pants Dilemma

Leggings have always been worn to complement our outfits. They can be worn with tunics, long t-shirts, cute skirts, and dresses. However, my dearest fashionistas, there is one thing that you absolutely can not do with leggings that will embarrass not only you but other people looking at you as well. Leggings can not be worn as pants!

This especially applies when you are thinking of wearing a shirt that comes above your crotch area with leggings. I don’t think anyone wants to see your camel toe my dears, or your butt or your underwear. I’ve encountered many girls on campus that have worn leggings as regular pants, and let’s just say it’s not very good sight. This girl I saw today was wearing a short jersey shirt with thin tight leggings that showed everything.

My dears, please. If you want to pull off leggings as pants, you have to make sure that the fabric is not thin enough for people to see the parts of your body that are not supposed to be seen. When you put on leggings, even if you feel a little unsure about whether or not the leggings look right, just cover yourself up with a longer shirt, skirt, dress, etc. It’s better to be safe than to risk making a poor fashion choice. Remember, don't do it if you feel iffy.

Thank you for reading!



Fashion by Robert Black and TréChic Jewelry

Last night Phoenix Fashion Week hosted a trunk sale by FashionAZ MeetUp with Robert Black and TréChic Jewelry.

Those of you who attended, thank you for making it one of FashionAZ MeetUp's best.

Black's boutique in Old Town Scottsdale, Fashion by Robert Black, was full of fun conversation, beautiful vintage designs, bold and stunning looks by TréChic's Mary Farag and an eclectic group of gorgeous people.

Want to get in on this trunk sale? You have one more chance.

Tomorrow, Saturday the 13th, Fashion by Robert Black and TréChic Jewelry are hosting part two of their Valentine's Trunk Sale.

Fashion by Robert Black
7144 East 1st Avenue Scottsdale
11-4 p.m.


Say Goodbye to a mcQUEEN

The fashion world mourns designer Alexander McQueen. The 40 year old was found dead in his London home, one week before Fashion week in Paris. His one of a kind dresses, and unique style will truly be missed. R.I.P. to a fashion GOD!



New York Fashion Week Fall 2010

As many of us know, New York Fashion Week begins tomorrow, February 11th, and continues until the 18th. The top designers in NYFW include: BCBGMaxazria, Calvin Klein, Carolina Herrera, Diane Von Furstenberg, DKNY, Donna Karan Collection, Fashion For Relief-Haiti NYC, 2010, Michael Kors, Nanette Lepore, Nicole Miller, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Tracy Reese, Vera Wang, and Zac Posen. Of course there are many more, but these are just some of the top names. The Fashion for Relief- Haiti NYC, 2010, is a charity fashion show and auction coordinated by Naomi Campbell. The show is to raise funds towards renovating Haiti’s healthcare system for mothers and children. The fashion show will be hosted by Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York and will feature different well-reputable fashion designers and celebrities. All of the clothing was donated and will be auctioned online at NET-A-PORTER starting the 15th. Check online for more info on NYFW and the Fashion For Relief-Haiti NYC, 2010, at