New Years Eve!

Hello fashionistas! Tonight will be full of beautiful extravagant outfits all over the world and I cannot wait to see what everyone will be wearing out. Three of my favorites NYE look are sparkly, classically refined cocktail dresses, and the new aged futuristic look! No matter which direction you go for an outfit tonight, be it for a beverly hills bar or your own couch I wish all of you a safe and happy NYE and the best for the upcoming year! Below are examples of the three looks above

cheers! Alex


Best Dressed 2010

Is there a better way to kick off a new year then by reminiscing on the most fashionable celebs of 2010? Definitely not. Nylon magazine conducted a survey with their readers and came to a consensus on who were the best dressed of 2010. Here is the list and it is fabulous.

1. Emma Watson
We were first introduced to this little British darling over 10 years ago from Harry Potter. But now, she is the face of Burberry and one of the biggest fashion icons in Britain. Not to mention her new pixie cut which has inspired many to go short. I think it's safe to say we are all a little obsessed.
 2. Alexa Chung
The TV Show Host is a self proclaimed tom-boy. Cutesy dresses, grandpa cardigans, and riding boots is her mantra. She is definitely bringing indie back and everyone is loving it. She also has a clothing line at Madewell.

3. Blake Lively
The star of Gossip Girl could wear a brown paper bag and still rock it. Anything she wears she can rock. From bohemian dresses to haute couture Blake is fierce. Karl Lagerfeld also took notice of this budding fashionista as she has been chosen as the new face of Chanel in 2011.
 4. Rachel Bilson
I first fell in love with Miss "Summer Roberts" on the O.C. Whatever she was wearing on the set or off the set always looks so effortless. This year she was named a fashion columnist for InStyle Magazine and she was also named the Style Ambassador for Sunglasses Hut.
 5. Leighton Meester
We all know her as Blair Waldorf from Gossip girl who is a total girly girl. Leighton makes sure to separate herself from her character by taking daring fashion risks like wearing Louis Vuitton runway looks. She is fabulous as her character and as herself. She has a personal style that so many adore!
 6. Carey Mulligan
She is only 25, Oscar-Nominated, and can always be expected to wear something a little unexpected. Anything she wears looks lady-like and fresh. She is so cute and no matter what criticism she received for last years Academy Awards, she rocks anything she wears! She is a fashion icon that I believe is here to stay.
7. Alison Mosshart
The rockstar who is known for leopard prints, shredded skinnies, and smeared eyeliner is the ultimate rocker girl. Some might say she is not a fashion icon but according to Nylon Magazine she is "the sexiest thing they have ever seen"

8. Mary Kate Olsen
Back when she was an NYU student, the actress and designer inspired the New York Times' expose, "Mary-Kate, Fashion Hero." Now with The Row, Elizabeth & James, and Olsenboye in her portfolio, MK still rocks her signature oversized tops, skinny jeans, and heels. Everything about her is fabulous.
 9. Zooey Deschanel
The songstress of She & Him and the star of 500 days of Summer is known for her vintage wardrobe and classic beauty. Everything she wears is vintage, a little off-beat, and totally cool. She makes me want to go thrifting!
10. Natalie Portman
As Zac Posen's original muse, Natalie Portman has always  shown she has great fashion sense from everything that she wears. Whether it's in Stella McCartney, Rodarte, or jeans, the Black Swan star proves that classy doesn't mean boring.  Evidently, Dior agrees - they've just signed her as their newest model.

As we go into the new year I look forward to all the new and upcoming trends. 2011 will be fabulous and fashionable just as 2010 was. So what do all you little fashionistas think of the list?
Stay Fabulous,
Haley Buntrock


Fashion + Technology = BELLPERRE

I have finally found the answer to all of our prayers: a sleek, sophisticated and highly practical cell phone. This is seriously amazing! They are super fashionable and made by hand. The phones are made of premium leather, which comes in multiple colors and styles and glossed hardwood. To top it off, the faceplate is made of sapphire crystal, which is important for those of us whose phones seem to slip out of our hands easily, as it is scratch resistant. These phones also come with 5 megapixel camera, includes navigation, and basically everything else that we need to text and call our friends. 

Talk to me,

Cortney Kaminski


The Shoe Multipliers!

Ladies, our dreams are finally coming true. A device that can change any of your shoes into completely different ones, expanding our shoe collection exponentially!! They come in velvets, lace, leathers, and chiffon, plus you can not only get them plain, but they also have options which are stamped and jeweled! Bonus? They are made here in the US, so no worries about how they were made. 

Make sure to pick some up before heading home for winter break: Bella Legs

Happy Holidays,

Cortney Kaminski

Tie-dye Hair-Ties


This week, I'd like to introduce to you the most amazing hair tie in the planet. I was turned to it a couple years back, and have never bought another type of hair tie ever again. They're made from some perfect material that doesn't leave dents in your hair. So, its like you were never wearing one in the first place! I wear these all the time because they leave my hair looking the way it would if I wouldn't have had a hair tie in. What's also cool about them is that they're very hippie-esque. You can probably find solid colors on but the ones I get are tie-dye. And if you don't want to wear it in your hair, you can also wear it as a bracelet. You can find your fix of these wonderful hair-ties at planet blue. I know they have the boutiques in Los Angeles but you can also find it online at If you're looking for any other prints, theres cheetah and they also have neutral colors. Bop Bijoux creates ones that are more for a fall/winter type of season while planet blue has a summer/spring type of line. Either way, you'll be styling a good hair-do and bracelet whichever way you decide to go.

Stay Classy & Fabulous my darling fashionistas,

Jacqueline Valle


Head Gear? Soooo in!

Even though its like 75 degrees in Arizona still, when i go home it will be in polar season.  So, I definitely need to get some warmer stuff for our break.  Along with comfy sweaters and cozy socks, I'm going to be sporting some pretty HOT head gear.  I think every style is in right now.  Hats, ear muffs, even those little tupĂ© hats.They're all a must! And i definitely will be wearing them for our month off and the Holiday season!

Very Cute!
Till Next Time,
Alyssa Rucker

Baby, Its Cold Outside

Goodbye Fall and hello Winter! As the weather gets chillier, warmth is a must. If you're looking for a holiday season look that'll keep you trendy and cozy, you should definitely go get yourself some combat boots. Although they can get pricey at retail stores, they are also available at vintage stores and department stores for a cheaper price since they've been around for so long. I bought mine at Aldo for $120.00 and get some compliments around campus when I rock them. Another element to add to a great outfit this holiday is a big, knitted scarf. Sporting it will definitely give you more versatility, add more texture to your outfit, and most importantly, keep you nice and toasty. I got mine at H&M for $13.00 and wear it almost every day! Finally, put a "star" on top of your outfit with a slouchy beanie. They'll keep the snow out of your hair and make a bold statement. They also come real handy on those days when you just don't feel like doing your hair in the morning. A large selection can be found at Urban Outfitters, where I purchased mine for $25.00.

Its not often that you get to wear these kinds of clothing (especially in Arizona) so do it while you can! Here are some examples of this winter look that I found on

-The First



Fur for the holidays

Ok, first off (since I don't want PETA on my tail) I'm not advocating anyone drop a fortune on a mink style or rabbit fur hat, I'm just loving the look of fur recently and winter is really the only time that you can pull it off without looking too ridiculous. In fact, I'm adamantly against using animals in the name of fashion-- faux fur only please!
I use to hate fur pieces, but this was usually because the people who wore them wore it in excess or just in tacky combinations. Fur should add a touch of sophistication and luxury to your holiday look not make you resemble the animal of your garment.

A cropped fur jacket would be the perfect topper for a cocktail dress and add some extra warmth.
Forever21- $24.80

Some fur trimmed boots could become your new favorite pair of shoes for these nippy winter months.
Nasty Gal Vintage: $58 

A fur muffler adds instant chic without any effort.
ASOS- $37.93

Brave the cold in this coat that marries the winter trench coat trend with the fur trend in one.
Urban Outfitters- sale $89

Or stay in and enjoy your cocoa in these comy fur and knit socks.
Forever21- $5.80

Wishing everyone a warm and pleasant holiday! I will write again after the much needed break :)


Holiday Party Dresses

When it comes to party dresses Betsey Johnson can do no wrong. There's a dress for every season, every occasion, and every style. This dress in particular was one of my favorites for all the fabulous holiday parties this season. I would pair this with sheer black tights and ankle booties to give it an edgier look among all the daintier holiday dresses. This dress actually comes in other styles so you are guarenteed to find one you'll put on your Christmas wish list!
Happy Holidays!!


Standing Out This Holiday Season

Talk to anyone who knows me and they'll tell you I love to shock people, that's why this holiday season I'm going to be the brightest crayon in the box and give winter a pop of color among reds, greens, neutrals, and metallic shimmer. However, to keep this look wintery stay classy and neutral with the accessories, in my book brightly colored plastic accessories are never in style. Also, make sure your dress' fabric isn't a light cotton. The last thing you want to do is look like you're dressing for the wrong season

By Jamie Killin

The Tuxedo Shirt

The holidays are all about fun dresses, metallic colors, and sparkles. But this holiday season try something a little different, a tuxedo shirt! It is the perfect holiday shirt. Although it may seem a little boyish, after adding feminine details like a hot pink mini skirt, jewelery, a sparkly clutch, a blazer, or patterned tights this look can do no wrong! You will be one hot item this holiday season and you will definitely stand out from all the expected little cocktail dresses.

Haley B.