Fashion Podcasts

The things you find on the internet these days are simply amazing.

For my online media class we had to create a podcast of something that is of interest to us. I, of course, chose fashion.

As I searched not only did I find a FABULOUS website with all of fashion weeks' runway shows, but I also found out that Chanel has their own podcast now. I was so ecstatic I had to share the love with all of my lovely fashionistas!

Fashion Network is full of Galliano, Erin Fetherston, Yves Saint Laurent and just about every designer you can think of that was just in fashion week.

You can find the Chanel podcast on iTunes.

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Check Out These Awesome Shoes


The Fashion Time Magazine published an article with pictures of some really cute, and super cool, shoes.


Ah...and then real women walked the runway

OMG! from Yahoo wrote an article last week highlighting the "fuller" and "older" figures on the runway during Paris Fashion Week.

Now...fuller to designers is a size 4, and older is 28. And yet, a change is in the air.

Designer Marc Jacobs told OMG!, "Designers are always talking about how they design for women, and then you look at our runways and there [are] no girls over 20. This time, I set out to cast a variety of sexy women -- younger, older, thin, voluptuous, from every ethnic background."

Being a model myself ("with just a little more ass," as Justin Timberlake would say), this is great news! So many times I've worn things on the runway that I would never wear off the runway because they don't fit me the way I would have wanted them to because they're made for women with zero curves.

I also hope this will allow those overly thin models to gain more weight (a.k.a eat!). I'd say, about half of the runway models out there are naturally built that tiny and tall. The other half, however, are seriously hurting themselves trying to be.

Seeing fitter models on the runway is a change I'm all for.

Stay safe for spring break, fashionistas!


Up and coming style icon?

Blake Lively has always looked put together on the red carpet, but it seems as if all of a sudden her clothing choices have gone from fun to fashionable.

Unlike some young starlets, Lively dresses more mature and shows skin but is still classy.

I think my favorite thing about her is that she dresses herself and doesn't use a stylist, which is a rare thing nowadays. It's nice to see someone's fabulous outfit and know it's actually their own sense of style and individuality that led them to wear it. After all, isn't the point of fashion to express yourself?

Take this ensemble for example. She looks gorgeous! Plus, it's not something you see everyday on the red carpet, where dresses seem to be required.

This is a play on the tuxedo with the black, white and suit jacket. The plunging neckline, heels and shorts keep it young, make it fun and takes a risk.

Good job Blake!

Other starlets should follow suit, no pun intended.

Is it spring break yet?


Oscar Fashion

Okay, so this is obviously just my opinion, but...

  • Maggie Gyllenhaal: I may be the only one, but from the moment I saw her dress, I fell in love. The cut, the colors, the pattern, her hair, lips, earrings, everything. Only she could pull off such quirkiness.
  • Gabourey Sidibe: She is so precious (no pun intended). The color on her was just exquisite.
  • Carey Mulligan: I hate dresses that are shorter in the front, longer in the back, but I actually liked the sweetheart neckline and embroidery (it's really little knives and forks and stuff), so it makes up for the bottom.
  • Miley Cyrus: I do not like her, but I would absolutely wear her dress. It's classy and grownup.
  • Cameron Diaz: Apparently, I'm a fan of sparkle. She looks like a golden goddess.
  • Rachel McAdams: Quirky colors and pattern, but I would so so wear this dress. Except I'd wear it solid because I'm so short, so the patterns would envelope me.
  • Sarah Jessica Parker: Well, I'm not so sure. I like the dress but the top shawl-thing is really bothering me. SPJ is a fashion icon, though, so I’ll let it go.
  • Tina Fey: I like it, but I've seen the cut before. I am a total fan of the color and texture, though.
  • Zoe Saldana: The dress is too busy in my taste, but I LOVE the top. I jut think it would have been better if they were two separate dresses.
  • Charlize Theron: Those flowers were right on her boobs, so it looked awkward. Plus, I’m not really a fan of that shade of purple.
Stay lovely,

What's Your Fashion Style Quiz

Hello my dear fashionistas!

Have you ladies ever wondered how to describe your style? Do you have a classic style? Eclectic? Trendy? Casual? Well here's a fun little quiz I thought I'd share with you to find out what your fashion style is.

Here's my result. I totally agree with it. I'm a classy girl. :)

Your Fashion Style is Classic

Some people may argue that those with a classic style like yours don't care about fashion, but that couldn't be further from the truth.

The key to having a effective classic look is making sure all your classic items are well tailored and look modern.

No one can rock a basic suit or white buttoned shirt with jeans like you can. You have the confidence it takes to avoid trends completely.

And by sticking to what has or what will stand the test of time, you always can find something to wear. It's very rare that anything in your closet has fallen out of fashion.

Have a great weekend!


Up-the-ante with these, please: Peep-toe Ankle Boots

In Arizona, we like to pretend that we have actual seasons. To help prove our point, the peep-toe ankle bootie is here to transition us from winter wear (or shan’t I say, fall wear, my fellow Arizona fashionistas?) into spring. With these, it’s one design, many styles and even more wears.
Take the military number by Alexander Wang seen on March Vogue’s “Military Issue” spread gracing the stems of Isabeli Fontana, Sasha Pivovarova, and Liya Kebede. Or, Balenciaga’s take follows through with the tribal prints we’ve also seen on and off the spring runways. Nina Ricci proves to add a whimsical touch à la Alice In Wonderland on the bootie as well.

These are just a few among the numbers, only lightly tapping into the variety of styles one can find amongst the peep-toe ankle boot crowd. Laced-up, embellished, open-heeled, bold prints and colours – variety abounds.

Pair these with some sleek leggings or spring 2010’s accompanying above-the-knee bell skirt and a knock-out pedicure and you’re ready to go.

My favourite: Dolce & Gabbana Lacy Ankle Boot



T Magazine Spring 2010

The New York Times Magazine has published their Spring 2010 fashion mag.

And with NY Fashion Week just behind us, they've a lot of good fashion articles on the site in addition to the mag.

There's some great clips with Julianne Moore and some great fashion trends and tips in there.

Definitely worth the clicks!

...I wonder if it comes in paper form? haha

Looking forward to the weekend,


Bedazzle, In or Out?

So, I don't know if this is an Arizona thing but it is definitely the first time I see it.

For the past school year 2009-2010 I've been noticing jewel encrusted jeans. I noticed some people I know own a pair, and then people around campus wearing them. Is it just me or since when did using your bedazzle kit on everything become fashionable?

It was bad enough when Ed Hardy had his vomit glitter on everything with jewels here and there to make "pretty and stylish." Error on his part and error on whoever decided to make these jeans.

Yes, jeans that fit nice and make your bottoms look great are a plus, but do you really need that much attention drawn to one area by overflowing it with shiny stuff?

I mean seriously, seriously!

Maybe I am just not one to follow this ridiculous trend because I hate pants in general, but this specific trend just bothers me. Its not cute and its not stylish.

This is just as bad as when I wrote an article about leggings not being pants. Lets be real. Fashionistas stay true to yourself. Sometimes just because everyone else is wearing it, doesn't make it cute.

Stay true and fabulous!