Romanian Fashion

Tucked in the middle of eastern Europe, Romania is making a very colorful statement this season. Catalin Botezatu, channeled his inner fowl as silhouettes were whimsical, colorful, and full of feathers. This collection is a great compliment to all of the animal inspired and color fashion we are seeing on our runways this spring. Although these looks are definitely avant-garde, the sheer, whimsical, and colorful fabrics can definitely be added to any wardrobe. Think bold and colorful this spring. Especially when wanting to channel your inner Romanian.

Look for loose silhouettes this spring and don't be afraid to add bold colors or some peacock feathers to your wardrobe.
xo, Haley Buntrock

"We'll always have Paris."

Paris will always be the fashion capitol for meme. I look forward to Paris Fashion Week the most because designers such as Karl Lagerfeld, Elie Saab, Jean Paul Gaultier do not always just showcase gorgeous haute couture designs, but also extraordinary pieces. Classy, sophisticated, and luxurious attire is what you can expect from Parisian designers. Paris definitely distinguishes from other fashion cities by the details and clean cuts they present in their style.

Chanel S/S 2011

Elie Saab S/S 2011

Jean Paul Gaultier S/S 2011

Je t'adore, Thuy An

Amsterdam International Fashion Week

In a Spring/Summer 2011 line by OntFront in Amsterdam this year, I found a very interesting accessory being featured that I just had to share with everyone. For International Fashion week the theme was "Tonight is the Knight,"showcasing many camel, beige and soft creme colors in the menswear collection as well as bizarre yet trendy metal gloves. Chivalry is not dead, and I hope this look doesn't die out either. While these unique gloves are a bit impractical, I love the idea of them and think they are a great new edgy look that has a chance at sticking around for a while.

Cheers, Alex

¡Olé Olé!

¡Hola fashionistas! I took a look at my roots today, and I came to realize that Spain is not only good at soccer, but they've got great fashion sense, too!

First let me tell you about some "caliente" trends I saw in Spain's major designer lines. Spain's been thinking big with their flowy, over-sized, mesh shirts and pants, giving us some breathing room and lots of sex appeal. Light scarves have been a common factor in many outfits, working as good accessories options, without suffocating us on those warmer days. The colors are bold this season, with many reds, blues, greens, purples, blacks, and whites all around. And of course we can't forget about thick, open-toed sandals for the beachy look.

I'm absolutely in lush with Spain's designers, but the one that really caught my eye this season was designer Francis Montesinos. His clothing (as seen above) really embodies the Spaniard culture, with his combos resembling native flamenco dancers. His use of spicy, latin flavor prints and use of luscious colors really makes his designs pop when they come down the catwalk. Bravo, amigo.

To see more of Spain's best, check out Fashion from Spain under the "catwalks" tab.

Hasta Luego,
Noel Escobar

La Isla Bonita

If you like pina coladas, then get ready to soak up the sun on your island of choice, preferably the Caribbean. A few of Jean Paul Gautier's pieces in his Spring 2011 are reminiscent of palm trees and beaches with blue and green hues. The whole idea is so relaxing, but I'm not too sure about how I'd feel wearing a giant tree on my summery dress. As much as I love the planet, I think you can try earthy colors by going a different route.

Even if you aren't a fan of green or beautiful leaves, you can be subtle and try a shade of green or brown that won't shout FICUS.

Kudos to JP for trying to live on the wild side, but for now I'll leave palm trees to do their own thing.

Keep it snazzy darling fashionistas,

Jacqueline Valle

The London Look

I have always been a die-hard fan of everything British. (Sadly, I can name all the Kings and Queens of England since King Henry the 8th.) London fashion week is coming up on the 18th of February and I will be eager to see the latest mod London trends. London has always been known for its use of solid vibrant colors and its edgy black and whites. America's infatuation with British culture has led to numerous Union Jack flag representations in apparel. One of my favorite fashion models, Twiggy, popularized the mod look, a style that originated in London in the 1950's which emphasized clean lines, pop art-style, and miniskirts. Today's interpretation of mod style includes many of the same themes including the oxford shoe, military-like jackets, and skinny jeans.

Here are a few things we can look forward to from London Fashion Week:

A great use of Union Jack red  

Edgy Black and White with short hemlines

As always,

Abu Dhabi . . . A definite Do!

Abu Dhabi is quickly growing and making great strides in the fashion world. The vast desert is transforming into a key vacation destination, and as their city changes, their culture is also slowly evolving. Abu Dhabi now hosts a fashion week comparable to those in New York and Milan, Valentino has even shown there! I know that I really began to become enchanted after seeing Sex and the City 2. The wardrobe stylists for that movie are my idols. They took couture fashion and used it to create culturally aware looks that were fashionable but still appropriate for the location of the movie. 

I wish I could have an unlimited bank account and purchase all sorts of patterned scarves and chiffon coats and maxi skirts, but I am a poor college student on a budget. So here are a few ideas on how to add simple touches that represent Middle Eastern culture:

Scarves are easy ways to accessorize basically any look and are reminiscent of the Middle Eastern attire:

I also love the turbans that I have seen since Sex and the City 2 came out:

Another item that is flirty and fashionable is a maxi skirt:

Each of the listed items are probably in your wardrobe and you didn't even know how it came to be there. Sure you bought it at some store in the mall but it actually came from a designer who was inspired by something they saw. I think it is amazing how the clothes that we wear are created with a reason and each item has a background.

حتى في المرة القادمة  (Until Next TIme) ,

Cortney Kaminski

Indian Inspired Bangles

Summer is rapidly aproaching and so is all of the summer inspired fashion! There are many staples to summer: sunscreen, a perfect sundress, and a pair of flip flops that look good with anything! Something to add to your must have list this summer? The indian inspired bangles.

They are just the right amoount of shine and sparkle to go from day to night, not too heavy when its hot out, and match almost everything you are wearing this summer! Feel free to go even more international and rock the indian inspired scarves. They sparkle and are just light enough so they  don't smother you like your winter scarves! Enjoy this little taste summer :)



Reptile Repetoire

Ello, Mates!

I'm here with a major fashion DON'T for all you fashionistos out there: crocodile/snake skin dress shoes. Over the years we've seen this popular item at our favorite department stores and dressy shoe shops at the mall but never thought to make a purchase of them.... and for good reason. First and foremost, the thought of wearing a once slimy and deadly animal on my feet does not sound appealing. Also, I rarely see any nice-looking ones that can match a dressy outfit. They always seem to come in tacky, dyed colors or have an intense amount of prints including different shades of beiges, browns, and blacks to them that just come off as a hot mess. Another thing that turns me off with these kinds of shoes is that they come with certain stereotypes such as hunters, pimps, cowboys, and men of older age.

Instead of wearing these kind of shoes, I suggest we keep it simple and dress it up with some shiny tux shoes, or even a classic dress shoe. Whatever you choose to wear, please just keep the reptiles away from your closet, and leave them to Animal Planet.

Sssssssstay Sssssssexy,

Noel Escobar


Cole Haan 
A sophisticated way to add a bit of wild to your wardrobe? When it's too warm for fur, throw in some reptilian accessories. A snakeskin heel has great versatility and a compact alligator clutch looks classy while adding interesting texture to a minimal ensemble. Reptile inspired accessories are a safe bet for the urban jungle without looking like you came from a jungle--just keep your colors toned down to avoid looking tacky. 
Christian Louboutin: $1400!

Elizabeth and James: $295

Christian Siriano for Payless: $30

Have a happy February!


A squared is for Amazing Animals

I think the reason we inspire to dress in animal print is because we get bored of being human.  Lets be honest.  Humans don't have any amazing outside features.  We aren't sparkly colored like an amazon fish or beautifully feathered like a peacock.  We are kind of boring.  I think that's a reason why textures and colors we see in nature are always on the runway.  It's to spice up ourselves.  Animal features are so amazing by themselves that it can be a shock to see them on a human.  I like what these people did to pay respect to the species of life!

  Till Next Time
Alyssa Rucker

Something seems fishy to me...

Almost everyone raises a fish in their lifetime, whether it be a goldfish or little guppy. As a kid I had my fair share of fish as pets, but my favorites were always Siamese fighting fish. Something about their deep and vibrant hue and the way their tail and fins floated through the water just seemed captivating and magical. I never thought that the enticing appearance and movement of the fish could be reflected in fashion. At Rodarte’s fall/winter 2008 show, models were adorned in vibrant dresses inspired by Siamese fighting fish. The elegant long and short gowns seemed almost dream-like as the strategic draping flowed down the runway. 

Other designers besides Rodarte have also been inspired by fish. One popular trend that can be seen is scale-like patterns on clothing. This look can has especially been popular over the last few years on the Red Carpet with sequined dresses. Whether it’s Rodarte’s flowy gowns or scaled dresses, it seems that fish inspired fashion makes a big impact on both land and sea.

Erin Kennedy

A walk on the Wild Side!

What better inspiration for fashion trends than something that already is so striking??

Animal prints, in general, will always be something that I have in my closet. Some years the cheetah print be in more style than others, but hey you’ll always catch a double look when you strut down the street!

Take my Betsey Johnson coat for instance. The outside is pleated purple and the inside is pink cheetah print. No one has to know that the animal print is there, but for an added bonus, why not roll up the sleeves for an extra flair?!

In general, I just think animal prints are the way to go! A pair of leopard pumps, skinny jeans, and a black sweater could make the perfect date-night clothes as well!

Create your style to make it completely unique and individual! Just don’t ever be afraid to show your wild side!

<3 Jordee Kalk

I Wanna See Your Peacock

This season, I wanna see your peacock.

Arguably the most beautiful bird of all birds is still making a fashion statement in many ways. Whether you don the lovely blue and green feathers in a dress, a clutch, a headband, or even a necklace, wear the peacock with pride, as it should be worn. Don't be afraid to be bolder than usual when trying this trend...after all, the peacock is all about being loud and in-your-face. Remember, however, that this bird should be the main event, so pair anything peacock with something slightly more subtle to make even more of a loud, stunning statement.


And while this style can be worn in many ways, I do have one request: unless it's on a headband, keep it out of your hair, please!

Remember, do it your way, always.
-Kaitlyn K.

Leopard Love

Here's the thing about leopard print. While it's versatile and can be seen on everything from shoes to evening gowns, it is vital to pair it with neutrals. During the day, you can't go wrong with a classy blouse and skirt under a leopard coat. In the evening, neutral, simplistic accessories draw the attention to the leopard dress itself.
       Leopard may not be King of the Jungle, but it doesn't like to be upstaged by excessive jewelry and mixed with other patterns or bright colors. Wear it proudly, boldly, but above all, keep it classy.

xo- Kristin W.