This Autumn season H&M did a eight page spread on fall clothing with a Arizona background. The photos are amazing. They capture the essence of the American West all the while making it completely fashionable. The model is mostly covered in tribal print shrugs and cozy pants. Looking at the spread, I feel warmth not extreme heat (which I feel right now). The photos put a modern twist on the jean and cowboy hat look and I like it.
Till Next Time,


Tommy, can you see me?

The man behind Jak & Jil, Tommy Ton, is out and about on the streets of Milan capturing all that's chic during fashion week for If you fashion savvy gals haven't checked out Jak & Jil yet, I highly suggest you drop everything you're doing right now and click on the link. I promise you won't be disappointed. Tommy Ton is a street style photographing god that is always delivering inspirational looks.

xo Thuy An B


Don't forget that Scottsdale Fashion Week's Model Search is THIS SATURDAY at Scottsdale Fashion Square, Nordstrom Wing Lower Level, at 10 AM!!!

Walk the runway and maybe you could be the next new face and premier at Scottsdale Fashion Week! One lucky winner receives a one-year contract with The Agency AZ, a free test shoot and gets to be in Scottsdale Fashion Week! New York's Major Models will also be there looking for new talent as well.

Go to
to register for FREE!!!!! It says you have to be 5'8" but in reality, come out and The Agency AZ make like you as a commercial model for advertising etc. Please spread the word on the search to come out and participate or even just watch!!

Tell your friends, you know everyone has that one friend who you always tell to be model! NOW'S THE CHANCE!! :)

See you all Saturday!!


Spring 2011 Roberto Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli continued his reign as one of the most shocking and flamboyant designers of all time at Milan Fashion week where he wowed viewers, including celebrities such as Heidi Klum and Rachel Bilson, and celebrated his line's 40 year anniversary. The new line uses variations of beautiful nude colors and textures to create a luxurious and fascinating collection. Models strutted the runway in outfits featuring flowing fabrics, laced up and provocative shapes, fringe, and unexpectedly delicate and muted animal prints. The clothing was reminiscent of the seventies hippie era allowing the progression of the modern flower-child.
-Jamie Killin



Just recently Arizona State's Sororities had a taste of the fashion world, when the two owners of "Soroyalty" ( shown above) came to our campus. With the new brand called "Soroyalty" you can have your sororities letters and colors represented in totally cool and new ways. Two representatives from each sorority on campus got to model in a fashion show on September 22, 2010. In weeks leading up to the show large purple bags were distributed throughout the campus to get people talking and it worked. All of the sororities had sisters in the show and there was a very big turn out. The merchandise in this line is affordable and cute! So make sure to look out for this exploding line all around campus!



New Store Opening

Looks like Tempe Marketplace will have a new place for fashionistas to flock to. Classy-Jazzy's grand opening is boasting free food, live music, a fashion show, and a raffle. The already have a location in Scottsdale and are trying to tap into the college market.

Classy-Jazzy is unique in the sense that it caters to women and their pooches. Their website states,"Classy Jazzy is a fun and unique accessories boutique for divas & dogs! Quality jewelry, ladies accessories and doggie couture are featured at affordable prices."



September Issue of Harper's BAZAAR

Last chance to check out Jennifer Aniston as Barbra Streisand on the cover of Harper's Bazaar! Like you have never seen Jen before: America's original funny girl. Check out or grab the issue on the newsstand to see more pictures!!

This Septemeber issue also includes a spread on Rachel Zoe: "I Die." The stylist is photographed being "killed" by America's top designers. Like the one above of Marc Jacobs electrocuting Rachel.




Hair, Makeup, and Straight-Legged Jeans

I'm not going to lie to you, humble readers. I'm a little behind in the fashion world. Sure, being a fashion photographer is among my possible career paths, but up until recently I've just hoped that some designer will place a model in front of me and say, "Go at 'em!"

After some knee-deep research, I'm a little--how do I say this nicely?--disappointed. Sure, trends like bodices, the cigarette pant, and underwear-type ensembles are all very exciting, and very aesthetically pleasing... on some people. The models themselves are beautiful, and as they're walking down the runway, I can't but help thinking, "I want that!" But as soon as I turn toward the full-bodied mirror, I lose inspiration. What I want to know is how this fashion is applicable to me.

Now, I know a lot of women complain about the bodily idealism featured on runways and its irrelevance to real women. I know it's an overused topic of debate that will never go away. And I know that there are a lot of department store alternative to brand-name runway looks that are really becoming on almost every body type. However, what I don't understand is how a single season of clothing (I'm referring mostly to the clothing featured in this year's Fashion Week and trends that are advertised for Fall/Winter 2010) can be so incompatible with my personal features.

Let me describe myself to you, so you get a better understanding of where I'm coming from. To begin with, I have very voluminous, very unmanageable curly hair. I'm legally blind, so oftentimes I'm stuck wearing glasses because contacts are both exhausting and expensive. I've got a round face of uneven skin tone, a big bust, a tummy, and stick thin legs. I'm also 5'3".

So when I see a model with a choppy pixie cut, "natural" makeup highlighting a strong bone structure, a form-fitting or low-cut top, and a high-waisted pant, straight-legged pant, I cringe. All seem to be the hottest looks for this year, and yet not a single one applies to me. Sure, we're making our way into the fall season, where covering up with bulky layers is the most exciting thing to do, but what am I supposed to do about hair? About makeup? About those damn high-waisted, straight legged jeans? Empire waists and conservative tops may be acceptable, but unless they're paired with some extraordinarily tight pant (further accentuating a mismatched top and bottom) or some radical haircut, they don't seem to scream, "I know what I'm doing."

All I'm saying is, this year seems like it would be great in front of the camera, but behind it, I'm struggling over what to tell my hairstylist.


Kaya Scodelario, famous British teen actress from the hit show Skins, recently posed for Instyle UK wearing a gorgeous soft pink chiffon top. While Kaya's natural dark beauty made the top itself the centerpiece, I adore how the edginess of the jeweled glove accented the ruffles and overall look. This outfit most certainly caught my attention falling right into place with the ongoing rebel trends for Fall '10. Keep your eyes open for this look AND this amazing out- breaking actress.

Cheers, Alex.


By Danielle Brown
More pictures and trends found at:
"She Comes in Color" pictured is Peter Jensen
"In the Mix" pictured above is Rachel Comey
"The Light Fantastic" pictured above is Ralph Lauren
"Cut in Two Ways" pictured above is 3.1 Phillip Lim
"The Straight and Narrow" pictured above is Calvin Klein
"New Days of Disco" pictured is Marc Jacobs

MILAN: Spring Ready-To-Wear 2011

Here are a few of my runway favorites from Milan's Fashion Week.

Dolce & Gabbana's classic style. I love how the models look like they just came from a glamourous pajama party!

I noticed many colors on the runway but Dolce & Gabbana was probably my favorite. I love this color-block style. Who would have ever thought these colors would look so fabulous together? Love, love, love.

Here we have Alberta Ferretti. I have always been a huge fan of neutral laces. It looks good on any skin tone during any season.
Etro also brought some of the color that Dolce & Gabbana had on the runway in Milan. I love the flowy, airy ensembles! So classic but original at the same time.



Grand Avenue Festival Adventures

What started as an innocent night turned into a disastrous mess, but good news . . .

What an adventurous night for my bestie and I! Got all dressed up and excited to go to a fashion show filled with local designers, but end up lost in a not so nice part of town, and getting escorted back to my car by two extremely nice police officers.

The show was awesome, and featured some amazing talent! Plus all the boutiques were unique and offered a variety of . . . well, pretty random, yet awesome, clothing, shoes, and wigs!

Though I must warn you, that area is not somewhere I reccommend at night. One wrong turn and you can find yourself lost and scared to death! Luckily we were spotted, obviously out of our territory, and graciously driven back to my car by totally young and attractive cops! Not sure at first if they thought we were completely lost or just super classy prostitutes, but they soon learned that we were just two fashionistas going to the end of earth to find some primo clothes.

Ohh what we fashionistas do to look good!



Who wears WHITE shorts?

So its way after labor day, and of course it is inevitable to wear white in this heat, but the type of ensemble that i saw that was completely out of the question, is the one I dare to mention now.

White shorts and heels. There is a certain way to wear this. If you get it right you look cute and put together. If you wear it wrong, you look like a hooker that someone picked up on Van Buren, just saying. There are ways to wear things appropriately and there are ways to kill an outfit completely.

The first image of Ashley Olsen wearing NICE dress up shorts that look like they are of a silk material can be worn with those elegant shoes because they're not some cotton shorts that you typically wear with sandals.

While no one should ever take fashion advice from Heidi Montag, what she is wearing just makes me shake my head. Do not just throw on heels with ANYTHING just because you want to looked dressed up. Heels don't work with everything. There are materials that are meant to be worn casual.

In any sense, please stay fashion conscious because when I saw someone wearing something similar to Heidi when I was out in Scottsdale, I cringed. It's tacky and it looks like you just threw it on cause you thought it would look cute. it doesn't.

Stay fabulous!


a Misshaped Drape

You know what I love this season? The continuation of awkward shaped dresses. But instead of the accented neon colors like BCBG SpringRTW, there's a use of subtle colors. Think soft ocean. It's just in time for a hopefully cooler Fall. A couple that caught my eye? First a pale, grey cinched drape dress and second a Louise Amstrop dress, both from Asos.

Till Next Time, Alyssa Rucker

What does John Mayer, Tithi Kutchamuch and Nutre Arayavanish have in common?

If you are anything like me, the only familiar name in that question is the guitar genius that is John Mayer. So who are these other guys? And what the heck do they have in common with Mr. Mayer? The truth is nothing, except for my curiosity and a little thing I like to call Google. Let me elaborate. While sitting at work I was listening to John Mayer's song "Half of my Heart" off his most recent album Battle Studies. The part of the song that really caught my attention is as follows:

Half of my heart is a shotgun wedding to a bride with a paper ring
And half of my heart is the part of a man who's never really loved anything

Depressing, I know. But what sparked a very tiny light bulb in my head was the concept of a paper ring. Now, I've made rings out of some strange things, i.e. bubble gum wrappers and the like, but a simple piece of paper never really crossed my mind. So I did some research and I am proud to present to you my new number one wish on my birthday list.

This unique collection of fold out paper rings was created by the talented designers Tithi Kutchamuch and Nutre Arayavanish. There are twelve rings, one for each birth flower of each month of the year. To make it even more personal, each ring is sent still in its original laser-cut and engraved piece of textured white paper for the gift-giver (or gift-receiver) to assemble themselves.

So if you were painfully contemplating what to get your Mom, best friend or girlfriend for their birthday, I humbly say "You're welcome." To learn more, make a purchase, or view other creative projects by Tithi, click ON ME.