Let's Be Real

When trends are reinventing themselves every season, when is it ok to
wear the following seasons? After all we are barely becoming
accustomed to the spring and its only a matter of a month or so that
we'll be wearing beautiful white summer dresses due to the intense
amount of heat. I saw a young woman today walking with a faux jean
dress and a yellow pair of flats with just the right amount of heel.
Maybe that in itself is a mistake already, faux jean dress? Does that
just imply that you were too cheap to buy actual jean? Here's the
truth. Be real, wear real. There's nothing more tacky than a faux jean
anything. Then again jean shirts, dresses or jackets never seemed to
be flattering. So, ladies for your own good, if you are keen on jean
anything, buy the real thing.

Yours truly,
Jacqueline Valle