Laid Back and Lovely

Story by: Erin Browner

Alyssa Snow, Freshman, Broadcast Journalism Major

Headband: Target
Sweater: American Eagle
Dress: Random surf shop in Hawaii
Flats: Nordy’s
Bracelets: homemade!

If you’re going to wear a cute outfit, you want to show it off all day. Alyssa Snow had her fashion cap on when she put this outfit together, “I didn’t have work today, so I wanted to wear a cute outfit to last the entire day.” With classes, study time, and movie night ahead of her, she picked out a bold striped spaghetti dress. With a sweater for air-conditioned classrooms and a thick headband, Alyssa created an updated 60’s vibe. She took some extra time to curl her hair, creating a flirty feel. The cherry on the fashionista cake here are her accessories; a headband and black flats to polish the look. “I decided to go with the flats instead of flip flops because I wanted the outfit to stand out in front of what I normally see worn to school.”
I totally sided with Alyssa’s point of view. A low-effort style is easy to accomplish by adding accessories and Alyssa’s look is a great example of this. So, next time you are walking out the door in a lively summer dress and your rainbows, reconsider switching out your sandals for some espadrilles or adding a ribbon to your ponytail.

FJC Blogging Begins!

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