Its Britney B*tch!

We are supposed to write about what's popular right now. Well at this very moment the only thing that is popular to me is the fact that BRITNEY IS BACK! She always has the cutest clothes on weather she is on or off the stage. So the trend that I think we should embrace is the "Britney Trend" aka dressing like her in lots of glitter and cute outfits. I hope you get some inspiration form these photos!
Britney around walking  L.A.

Two recent magazine covers!
We all love her,


Necessary Neons

I was overjoyed when I saw the new neon trends on runways for Spring/Summer 2011. Aquilano.Rimondi, Blumarine, Nina Ricci, Christian Dior, Prada and Sonia Rykiel are just some of the designers debuting their neon designs on the runway. 

Alice + Olivia has always been one of my favorite designers and they are also one of the designers following the neon trend. They are responsible for the beautiful, long, light purple dress below. This dress along with the bright yellow belt completely encompasses the perfect neon look for Spring/Summer: easy and breezy with a pop of color. 

Prada's new collection includes stripes with neon colors to give the neon look even more of a pop, and they are taking this look to the extreme. Check out the shoes below!

I am always on the look-out for any collections or new styles that are even slightly out of the ordinary or eye-catching. This neon takeover for Spring/Summer 2011 is perfect for the seasons and young girls everywhere.

Love, Lauren V.


The "It" Boys

Wanna be on top? Well, guys, take some good notes from these male models. They've got the look and the bodies to turn more heads than Lady GaGa (whose concert was AMAZING, just in case you were wondering):
River Viiperi (aka River Delfin)

(Disregard the shirt.)
Spanish-born River is one of the hottest items seen on the runway today. He is only nineteen and has walked and been shot for some of the biggest fashion brands such as Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, and American Eagle. He has graced many magazine covers like GQ Russia, Coitus, and Attitude. His modeling agencies include: Success (Paris), Nous (LA), Soul Artist (NYC), and many more. This pretty boy face and chiseled body will be sure to leave you speechless if you take a look at his work. Just like us fashion journalists, River, too, has a Blogspot blog! Here's his kind-of model "diary"called Never Back Down.

Francisco Lachowski (aka Chico)

Francisco is among the top male models of the world today. This twenty-year-old Brazilian babe works only for the highest designer names such as Armani, Dior, DKNY, Benetton, and John Galliano. His modeling agencies include, but are not limited to: Ford (NYC), Ford Europe, and Why Not (Milan). Lachowski is also a frequent face on magazine covers like Coitus, Fiasco, and Homme Essential. This Tumblr celebrity will be sure to keep you wanting more with his seductive slanted-body-stare. Model on!
Marlon Teixeira

If you've recently visited an Armani Exchange store, you've more than likely seen this guy all around the  room. Marlon is a nineteen-year-old Brazilian boy and is ironically good friends with the aforementioned Francisco. Known for his sexy scruff, he rocks it on multiple magazine covers like Vanity Teen, Coitus, and Hurcules. As you know, he is the main face of Armani, but he has also worked for Christian Dior, Diesel, and Forum. Being such an exotic model, Marlon has agencies all over such as Willhelmina New York, MGM (Paris), and Fashion (Milan). Is it me or am I the only one who can't stop staring at the gif of him??

Well there you have it, three of the world's top sexiest male models in fashion today, and hopefully tomorrow! (You can stop drooling now.)

You Better WORK,
Noel Escobar

The new print: Water Marks

Hey everyone!

I have been noticing a new trend in textile design and that is water marks. What's up with that? I have yet to decide if I like it or not. In some cases it can look unique and delicate but in others it just looks messy and confusing. I think on the right fabric with the right cut, water marks work. Here are some examples of water marks done right and water marks done not so right:

 These watercolor prints above are done correctly, however......

Ralph Lauren got it all wrong with this hideous orange and yellow polo dress.

As Always,

It's What's Underneath That Counts...

Something that I am absolutely obsessed with (and hope every one else is as well) is adorable and fun matching lingerie sets. Not only does having on cute under garments make our confidence boost, but it also truly completes our look, even if the public eye doesn't see it. While many people forget to take time in putting lingerie together with an outfit, I try my best to stay classy with it and live by the idea of not wearing anything I wouldn't want shown on the cover of the LA/NY times. On the other hand, lingerie is an opportunity to show an alternate side to your fashion sense and overall look, so don't be afraid to try new things! Some of my favorite all time lingerie stores range from bourgeois priced to very chic and affordable, but if you plan to wear something often I suggest you invest well and splurge a little. Below are some cute seasonal looks, and my all time favorite pieces.
 Cute & seasonal Gilly Hicks.
 Classic garter and thigh highs.
 The must have Victoria's Secret 'Pink' 8 way push up bra (priced around $36.00)
 The red hot Agent Provocateur classic.
Modern lingerie, trendy tops!

Cheers, Alex.

Boyfriend Jeans

One of the most timeless denim trends in all of fashion history is hands down the boyfriend jean. They are so effortlessly cool and should be a staple in every fashionista's wardrobe. As Arizona is slowly transitioning into the extremely hot summer it is known for, I plan on breaking out my pair of boyfriend jeans a lot this season and pairing them with everything from wedges, blazers, tank tops, sandals, cardigans, and simple t-shirts.

The Boyfriend Cropped Jean

A baggy pair is best worn with a loose roll at the bottom and a slim silhouette on top 

Celebrities can also be seen rocking the boyfriend jean trend

Who needs an actual boyfriend when you can wear boyfriend jeans?!
Stay Fabulous,
Haley Buntrock

Glittery Girls

 I’ve always been a fan of anything with glitter and sparkles, whether it be a simple piece or something extravagant. Personally, I think anyone, any season, can add something eye-catching to their outfit that will pull it together perfectly. Diamonds and gems (real or fake), sequins, and sparkly stones can pull together the most romantic and sophisticated outfits at the same time as it can make your almost-just-out-of-bed look seem a bit more glamorous.
 Things I love now...
Everyone loves glitzy heels and sandals, but I think these look great for everyday looks. I love all of the colors but I'd choose these to match almost everything I own.

Tiffany and Co.
I recently went into a Guess store and noticed a huge variety of rings of all different styles. Their inventory now includes colorful flowers, their classic cursive Guess logo, white diamonds, and colorful stones and patterned bands, like this one.

I have always loved Tiffany and Co. jewelry. It's simple and timeless and goes with anything. I love how they create the perfect balance between sparkle and shine and maintain simplicity. I love their bracelets and chains, and would love a key necklace like one of these. I have their signature logo bracelet and a necklace to match, but those aren't as glittery as something like this ;)

Makeup is always fun to experiment with, and I love shimmer and shine, but in a mature way. Obviously don't go as overboard as this, but some glittery eyeliner, bronze glimmery powder, and lip gloss never hurt anyone!

Victoria's Secret

I love Victoria's Secret's sequined bathing suit tops. They look so pretty in the sunlight, and are definitely more for laying out and looking hot, but I think everyone should have something that sparkles, especially if you spend your summers in the sun. Look for something pretty to sparkle in!

You're Beautiful! 
Ashley Rae

YSL at the Opera

Another one of the reasons why I love YSL so much. A great collaboration of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and a night of opera last Friday. Celebrities like Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen and Emmy Rossum graced their presence at a night full of art+fashion+music.

I think Claudia Schiffer makes a good point in stating in an article by style.com "What I love about the opera is the silence—just listening to the music. No one is talking, no one is eating. There's just a lot of respect for the arts onstage."

While I think opera and the arts are something you grow to appreciate with age and knowledge, we must remember that fashion is its own art form just like other things. Art doesn't have to be in paintings but it can be expressed in many other ways and the more we appreciate it and understand it, the more we see a connection between the different forms of art like music and fashion. I think these three elements surround our daily lives and without them, most people wouldn't know where to draw inspirations from. They're all art and they are all beautiful in one way or another. Cheers to YSL's efforts to joining other art forms and creating more diversity within their brand.

PS: Check out my newest post on my weekly column. Cut it out!

Stay classy and fabulous darling fashionistas,

Jacqueline Valle

Dreamy summer

I'm quite obsessed with this beautiful editorial from Harper's Bazaar US April 2011 issue! Model Toni Garrn couldn't have been more perfect to showcase everything gorgeous about summer in dreamy white dresses by Thakoon, Rick Owens, Dolce & Gabbana, Dior, and Alexander McQueen. Summer is fast approaching and this year, I hope everyone is going to be channeling all sorts of soft and breezy white pieces. White is a simple, feminine chic color and currently a trend that was seen in many S/S 2011 collections. I think it's an essential color for your wardrobe because the amounts of outfits you can pair with white are endless!

Thuy An Bui

Local Talent AZ Boutique

One thing I love about Scottsdale is all the spunky little boutiques that are scattered throughout old town and the rest of the city. I recently just discovered this new one called Local Talent AZ Boutique near 5th Ave and Goldwater Blvd. that is just amazing fun! The boutique features designs from only local designers, which to me is really cool! It is the glamour of Gucci with the distinct creativity of an unknown. I love finding new designers that are up and coming, really makes the looks unique and you definitely know that no one else will be wearing what you are wearing. I haven't bought anything from the boutique yet, spring break kind of took a big chunk out of my checking account, but I recently modeled in a fashion show that featured a line from the boutique. It was the Spring Collection from the LXL Lux Label.

Haley and I on the patio.
Enjoying the nice weather.
Attempting to learn to play pool.

All of the models, with the designers in the middle!

Oh I forgot to mention that the collection that was featured was actually menswear! Each of the shirts were so soft and comfy and had some awesome cuff links. I loved walking the runway in the sensual outfits. It definitely assured my intuitions of my extreme need of a mens shirt. I really want to find a pink one and a white one and transform them into cute dresses. I think I might add tights underneath them instead of the thigh highs, just to keep it a little less woo-hoo!

What are your thoughts on menswear on women?

Cortney Kaminski

Artistic Genius!

We can all release our inner artist with these basic painter inspired trends. You can now buy pre-painted jeans and chinos that surprisingly can give your outfit an unusual twist.  Also, both shorts and jean rompers are also a new trend that’s currently sweeping the runway. Let’s not forget the bleached denim that everyone seemed to be such a fan of back in the day. Is it safe to say it? bleach is definitely back. Oh joy. 

Monica V

No Place Like Milan!

Hey there Fashionistas,
Since we're talking about city style this week, I thought what better place than one of the top fashion capitals of the world.
Milan is the fabulous cities that brought us fashion powerhouses such as Giorgio Armani, Valentino Garavani, Gianni Versace, Mario Prada, and Domencio Dolce and Stefano Gabbana. 
Put you don't need to sit in a fashion tent one week a year to experience the beautiful self expression of Milan. The street style rivals almost every other city. This is a place where walking down the piazza is just like walking down a runway. 
In Milan couture is the everyday look.
Is it really any wonder why so many talented designers came out of this city?
Milan is the epitome of sophistication and originality when it comes to local fashion.

Til next time lovelies,
Vanja V.