Ryan Bingham's new song "Country Roads" was chosen as the official theme song for Dolce & Gabbana's 2010 Men's Collection.

Bingham is huge in Italy!

Trust me, this video is worth a viewing! Eye candy, baby.


Holly Williams "Here With Me"

Have you heard of Holly Williams, yet?

If you haven’t, you’ll definitely know this new country singing, designer after June 16th. And not only are you going to know her, you are going to love her.

On Friday, June 16, Holly William’s newest album, “Here With Me,” will be released into stores nation wide. Her loving lyrics and catchy tunes are perfect for your early morning drive to work, your backyard BBQ and your late night bonfire.

No matter what city, or temperature, “Here With Me” is a collection of sounds to suit any person’s mood this summer.

Check her out in stores or on Myspace:


Mos Def

This guy knows how to make a music video to go with his light raps.

Take a look at his two newest previews on Myspace, "Words" and "Flower"

Words is definitely my fav.


Ryan Bingham

Check out this slightly alternative, slightly rock n' roll country singer, Ryan Bingham. He's got tunes you want to stop your feet too and a fun, scratchy voice that will make heads turn.

Make sure to listen to: "Bluebird" and "Change Is"


Ps. Sorry about the link, I'm workin' on it, though!

FJC + Universal Music Group

Hello friends & fellow fashionistas,

We're going to start something new, something fun. Fashion Journalist Club is going to pair up with Universal Music Group this upcoming year-and hopefully years to come!

They're going to hook us up with the newest and hottest artists around, including some stickers, signed posters, concert tickets, etc. at our events.

Keep yourself updated on the blog--I'll be posting new music!

Love from your prez,