ARKAIK Clothing Releases New Designs

Remember our good friend Jordan Abidor with Arkaik clothing?

Well, he released his new clothing line TODAY

All the designs seriously kick ass.

Take a look at their site, you may even run into some pics of your prez!


VMARIE Spring 2010 Preview

Saturday night, Rickie Gonzales hosted a preview of his VMarie, "Us Against the World," Spring 2010 Collection at the Devil's Martini south.

Although many of his fabrics and colors remind me more of fall and winter than of spring, VMarie holds up to their awe-worthy design style in their Spring collection.

My favorite dress hit the runway first. I was too mesmerized to photograph The Stunner (as I'll call it now) for you, but hopefully you can visualize his masterpiece:

The Stunner is a gorgeous, spring white silk mini dress. Simple, thick, tank top straps, followed by a fitted, v-neck torso and an elegant and flirty waste wrap, which is then fastened by a bow in front. The bright white bow flows into a vertical, cupcake layered skirt. Inside each fold lies the only color on the dress--a light blue, hollow circle pattern.

The Stunner is...well, stunning. The inspiring colors and womanly figure captures VMarie's truly unique vision in today's fashion world.

Like I said before, the remainder of his collection is beautifully and wonderfully complicated. Yet, I'm afraid this young designer doesn't fully capture the spring with his winter white dresses and deep purple and maroon details.

Maybe he'll change his mind and make all our Christmas dreams complete by releasing his collection after Phoenix
Fashion Week!

That's all I have for you today. Make sure to get your Phoenix Fashion Week tickets asap! You won't want to miss VMarie or any of the other designers this year.

Stay sweet, Stay beautiful,

This is my artsy photo of the evening: what is shadow and what is real?


Lady GaGa's Crazy Fashions

Call me crazy.....but I kind of liked the off beat outfit that Lady GaGa wore upon her arrival of the MTV Video Music Awards.

Just that one

It had a gothic and slightly Elizabethan era appeal to it that really made it work for the occassion. Neck brace and all. Her other outfits.....yeah, not so great. I did like the white get up she wore for her performance until she smeared fake blood all over it, then it was just disgusting. But even though I constantly look at Lady GaGa every time the camera panned over her and said, "What the f*#$% is she wearing?" I really applaud her for her ability to not care what the hell others think of her and just wear what she feels expresses her whole self and at the same time manage to make herself live art.

I mean afterall... isn't that what fashions all about?

~Danelle Benton-Smith

Fashion DONTS

Now I know many of you are just dying to be fashion forward and love to keep up with the trends, but there's some trends that definitely take fashion a little too far.

There are those fashion trends we see every now and then that we look at and think to ourselves, when was that ever the peak in the fashion era? Let me refresh your mind, the 80s? Whoever thought that was the IT thing for us to bring back was so very wrong. And while I'm at it I can tell you that I feel the same way about Ed Hardy. Anyone who is ANYONE in fashion knows that, Ed Hardy is NOT fashionable.

I can go on to explain why this is such a faux pas, and to start with, it looks like vomit glitter on a shirt, and it has never been in style. The ostentatious trucker hats and hideous christian audiger logos I see everywhere on campus are just for a lack of better words a disgrace to the fashion world.

There is a difference between being fashionable and looking good, and then there's attempting to be fashionable by following some ridiculous trend that has no where to go but the streets of the Bronx. Unfortunately, I've seen about everyone wearing this hideous clothing and just for the record, it looks terrible.

Along with fashion dont's, are the snuggies. Seriously? A fashion show for a bunch of blanket dresses? This is when you know that the fashion world has taken a twisted turn to the point where anything can have a fashion show. I can't wait till doggie couture is the next big thing. Just remember when you see a fashion show for TV accessories, or something super ridiculous, it's just as bad as everything I've mentioned.

Stay fabulous and in style.

Jacque Valle

Us Against the World Fashion Show

Hello my fellow Fashionistas!

Here is a hott fashion show for you all to go to this month. VMARIE is presenting their collections at this event and it would be really awesome if everyone would come to support them.

There will be music, dancing, and drinks too (if you're over 21 of course ^_^). It will be a fun night! This event will take place at Devils Martini South, Saturday, September 19th from 6 to 9 pm. Tickets are $10. For more info go to this facebook invite
"Us Against the World"

Hope to see you there!


Oh! There is competition aloof!

I just got an email on our club account telling me about a new site called ZabaChic.

ZabaChic is just like that site I was telling you about earlier this week--HauteLook. EXCEPT that ZabaChic gives you a $10 credit when you sign up FOR FREE...

I don't know much about this site...but if websites like these keep springing up offering us access to the greatest discounts for free, I can't say I'm complaining.

Let me know what you think,

Couture Love

For those of you in love with Couture, the Fall 2009 Couture Collection of Valentino is sensational. Most of the Collection is all patterns and textiles with the likes of lace and ruffles and. A lot of blacks are used as well as some nude colors. I think the most fascinating part of it all is the way he accessorized such intricate pieces by pairing them off with ornate hats or masks. These dresses are something we will definitely be seeing on the red carpet.

By: Jacque Valle


Meeting Wrap-Up Sept. 7

CHECK IT OUT! I DID IT! haha. Don't make fun of me; this is my first effort and attempt. In the future I think we'll all see a improvement as I get more comfortable talking to my computer. :]

Girls Guide to Guys

I was reading the Boston Phoenix today (don't ask me how I stumbled upon the site...) and came across this awesome article, "A Girl's Guide to Boston Boys."

Now, I know we don't live in Boston, and I also know not everyone who reads this is female, but it's worth a read. Super catchy and an interesting take on the different male personalities out there.

Check it out, you deserve a fun read on your Labor Day:

stay pretty.


The Place to Look for the Hottest Sales


I've just finished an article for Phoenix Fashion Week about one of their sponsors, HauteLook. It's not up on the PFW Web yet because the website is down (GRRRR!), but I couldn't keep this information to myself!

HauteLook is a free, online website that collaborates with premium designer brands to bring you sales from 50-75% off retail price. They send you an email every morning with up to six different sales on men's and women's clothing, home decor and kids.

So awesome. This is what we've all been looking for. Possibly the best part is that the sales are on items that are currently in stores. So, if there's a store in Phoenix, you just go out, try it on to find your size, then order it off HauteLook for a much more acceptable price!

Finally, we all have a reason to be wallet happy.

See you all at the meeting today!