Get a Leg Up on Fashion

So I was reading Emily’s blog and it immediately reminded me of a Myspace bulletin that I posted a long time ago about a bad fashion choice that really gets me going:


Leggings are a wonderful article of clothing that can really dress up an outfit and we all love them, but they’re meant to be worn UNDER your clothing. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been walking around campus and seen girls wearing leggings as a sole form of bottom wear. It just looks tacky. Not only do leggings cling to every crevice in your behind, but after a while you start to get these really unattractive sweat marks in really unattractive places that everyone can see very clearly. Leggings are meant to be treated as underwear…..NOT pants. I mean they’re called LEGGINGS for a reason ladies…. NOT ASSINGS!!!!

So, unless you’re a dancer or you’re on your way to Pilates class please leave the leggings underneath your clothes or leave them at home. By the way – don’t pair them with Uggs unless every bit of your legs will be covered. It’s not cute when you’ve got two inches of skin exposed between them. Not even Britney Spears can pull off that look.

By: Danelle Benton-Smith