bOObs By: Maggie Pingolt

Dear Fashionistas:

I hope you are all pulling out your tank tops and dresses: there's a heat wave a' comin'!

On a more serious note I'd like to discuss two incidents I've come across quite frequently in the past couple days.

Incident 1: boob
Incident 2: boob


Keep them to your self!

Now, if there's any question to the meaning of the previous equation, I shall explain.

Shirts should cover the breasts, breasts should never have a problem staying within the confines of a shirt, near nipple-age is illegal.

Think of it this way: do you ever see part or most of a man's penis over his jeans? Yea, well, if you have-- you don't count!

The point is: keep your boobs covered just like you do your secrets because they're not for everyone to see.


Annoyed A-Cup.


Pull out your whites!

Last night, I wore jeans and a tank top at midnight and guess what!? I didn't need a jacket.

So this means that spring is finally here! Yay! Pull out your white pants, shorts, skirts, shoes, capris, dresses-w/e. FJC says you are officially allowed to wear them now ;)

Hope to see many of you at the meeting today,

Hat Hair

Alright. Just a tip...if you're wearing a hat that has a ponytail hole and you decide to put your ponytail through it, put a hair tie in your hair first. The back of your head looks really weird when your hair is pouring out your hat. So don't do it.

Yours Truly,
Emily Timm