An Asian Flirtation

In the spirit of the immersion of Japanese street style and Asian inspired textiles, I decided to be a geisha this Halloween.  I made my costume very modern.  Styled with a perfectly green colored kimono type top and fluttery false lashes, I totally fit the part.  It was the right amount of comfort and style to party in.  I hope everyone has a fabulous Halloween. 
Till Next Time,
Alyssa Rucker

P.S. sorry for the pictures lighting. I don't have a camera.

British Invasion

This Halloween I was Felicity Shagwell from Austin Powers. I found the costume in a small boutique when I was in San Diego two weeks ago. I have to say I was very happy that I had an original costume. I didn't run into any other Felicity Shagwells over the entire weekend. I did my hair in a big retro teased hair do and paired my costume with big white hoop earrings and white patent leather heels. 


October 31st to November 1st: style cues from Halloween costumes

Just like with any fashion, Halloween fashion definitely has seen it's fair share of trends. Most often, these trends are suited to the occasion: bright, silly, and sometimes a little tacky. However there are some Halloween trends that are easily translated for other occasions.
Here are some of my favorites and popular looks from this Fall.

Mini top hats:
I saw mini top hats accessorizing costumes from a "Derby Girl" to a classic 1940s dress.
However these are so cute I would have to find another event to wear them to.
Another Event:
Forever 21
Over the knee socks:
These are used a lot to balance out the typically short hemlines of womens's costumes. Of course there are plenty of cute styles to choose from to complement a more wearable outfit.
American Apparel

School girl:
This look has been classically misrepresented as overly sexy for Halloween costumes, but it certainly would be appropriate for an actual school wardrobe.
School day:

Hope everyone had fun dressing up!


Halloween with a cheer!

For starters, lets just say I’ve always been one to dress up. For everything, we’re talking Fourth of July, Valentines Day, birthdays and so much more. So, seeing as Halloween is literally right around the corner, why wouldn’t I participate in a day solely meant for costumes?
            Now the decision of what “character” to be, was the next step in my preparation for this holiday. Costumes involving Snooki, or people from shows like “16 and Pregnant” seemed to be popular this year. But for me, I went with a classic, something sparkly with passion; a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader.
            It might not be super original, but the accessories make it unique. I plan to go all out; wear big stud earrings, curl my hair, and make my eyes look huge and glistening; basically do pretty much anything to fit the mold of my costume. It’s Halloween! A girl’s got to do, what a girl’s got to do!..... Jordee Kalk. 

Creating a Halloween costume without going to the Halloween store

Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays. I mean who doesn’t like to take advantage of having an excuse to dress up as someone they’re not any other day. It’s the chance to swashbuckle like a pirate, save the world like a superhero or even feel as royal as a princess. As I got closer to Halloween, I looked forward to thinking of a creative costume but realized I was working with a college student’s budget. I searched through my own clothes and accessories for items I could use to create my first “Make-it-yourself” Halloween costume. 
After searching for inspiration I decided to channel the sassy and fashionable fairy Tinkerbell. I already owned black leggings and a white ribbon to tie around a bun in my hair, but I needed a few more clothing staples. I ventured off to Scottsdale Fashion Square and looked in Victoria’s Secret where I found a long sleeve cotton shirt on sale for $10 and the identical green color of Tinkerbell’s dress. And with winter coming up, I know I’ll be able wear the shirt again during days with colder weather. Then I went to Walgreens and discovered lime green and purple sparkly fairy wings for a deal of $6.99. Thanks to my roommate, I also have a pair of silver glitter Toms to wear. By searching through my closet and finding deals in stores, I was able to create an affordable costume while still being creative. I guess all it took was just a little bit of pixie dust.

Final Product:

Have a wicked Halloween!!!
Erin Kennedy


Aye Aye Captain!

Centering in on my nautical side this year I am dressing as a 
super cute sailor girl!

I chose this one because it is pink, which is totally my color, and because it is a
super girly twist to the typical masculine sailor, plus the back
has a super awesome pink bow and I love bows!

Have an awesome Halloween everyone,



For Halloween this year I am channeling my inner 80s work-out girl. I have always wanted to pull the whole leotard look off, but never felt I could do it until now! I have American Apparel to thank for helping my create my look. However, I also went thrifting because I just didn't want to spend a fortune on my costume this year and thrifting is always fun, it's like a little hunt.
I like the hot pink shiny leggings the most and i think it will be such a fun costume to walk around in, I am excited for sure! Hope everyone has a great Halloween weekend.

X's and O's
Haley Buntrock

Top Halloween Trend 2010

The news just broke that the top selling Halloween costume this year is Snooki from the Jersey Shore; another big hit is Lady Gaga. It seems the trend this year is to dress up as your favorite celebrity. Halloween stores are selling costumes that match famous stars' looks such as the Lady Gaga blue body suit from her music video for "Pokerface." Here are some ideas:

Lady Gaga


These celebs are easy to dress up as since they have a unique look and that is key so people can't tell if you're even dressed up or not.

Have a happy Halloween!

Peace+ Love =Flower Child!

I am definitely all about the peace and love so of course what better way to emulate that than by being a flower child. The only thing I actually had to buy was a fringe vest for my costume because believe it or not, I already had all of that in my closet. Out of all my costumes this is my favorite because it pieced together so well with all the things I have in my closet, while the other things I compiled from things my roommates and friends have. When I showed my friend my costume, she said "You would have everything from your closet."

The best thing about this costume is that I know no one else will be wearing it. The white slouchy tee is from Vince, the high-waisted shorts are from Abercrombie & Fitch, the vest is from a costume shop, the crochet belt that i am wearing as a headpiece is from Lucky Brand and the boots are Sam Edelman. Nothing says flower child without PEACE accessories. A big necklace and earrings will do as well as some personal pieces.

Have a Happy Halloween.

and remember....

Stay Classy & Fabulous,

Jacqueline Valle



This halloween I could not decide quite what to be. There are so many choices and everyone is going for the skimpier the better. But then I remembered that I had a really ornate mask from a masquerade party I went to a while ago so I decided to just be a person at a Masquerade bash! I am going to wear a white T shirt and a silky black skirt and am going to do my makeup very cool and put on fake eyelashes and rock the masquerade mask! So if you see someone but you can't really figure out who it is... it will probably be me :) Have a good all hallows eve!




This Halloweekend I decided to plan three outfits all made from scratch! My favorite outfit though, is a ringleader put together with boots, fishnets, a sequined top gloves and a top hat! I also found a cute tuxedo looking jacket at Urban Outfitters on a clearance rack :) yay! I was inspired by B.Spears but kind of put my own twist to it!  I love the ideal of using bits and pieces to create a more original costume. The best part is no one else will have the same exact look as you! I'm sure all of you Fashionistas will get creative this weekend and look amazing! Happy hauntings

Cheers, Alex

How to Rev Up the Plain Old Sailor Costume :)

So this Halloween, I decided I wanted to sort of put together my own costume and not simply buy one of those cheap looking things online and I did not want to go the slutty route either. So, my roommate and I decided to be Gilligan and Skipper...only cute! Here are some of the items we bought:

For Gilligan-My roommate is wearing this red dress with....

this sailor's hat.

As Skipper, I am wearing this blue dress with...
this captain's hat.

And of course we both will be sporting our metallic Sperrys!

So, that is our Halloween idea! 

A little off, but it works! :)




1920's Flapper

This Halloween I will be reworking an old Foley and Corinna silk beaded dress to be a flapper, very a la Lauren Conrad. I love how this costume is lady-like, fun, and most important of all, classy. Even on Halloween you don't need to wear lingerie to look hot! I love the glam feel of this costume and how I can put it together with things in my closet, without buying the cliche and in my opinion tacky bagged costumes from the local Halloween store. It's also a great excuse to rock pieces that typically can't be worked into day-to-day attire like silk gloves and a boa! Kim Kardashian has also done a beautiful job dressing up as a flapper, in what I consider to be a more traditional and provocative way.
Happy Halloween! Jamie Killin


Halloween Week!

It's almost the end of October, which seems crazy! This week in the spirit of what seems to be a lot of people's favorite holiday, our FJCers will be telling you what they will be wearing for Halloween.

Now, I know its getting cold and everyone will still be wearing itty-bitty costumes, but the fun of Halloween is being able to see everyone be something other than themselves and of course see how far some girls will go to be slutty. I contemplated on being Mary-Kate Olsen but many friends agreed that no one would be able to tell, and some would think I dressed up as myself. So, I am battling between being a sexy Pocahontas, or a hippie. I may decide on both, if the opportunity arises but for now I am at a straw between the two.

Happy Costume Hunting!

Stay Classy and Fabulous,
Jacqueline Valle


"Get me Demarchelier"

I never understood why in the Devil Wears Prada movie Miranda P. always said "get me Demarchelier."  I was too lazy at the time to look up his name.  It was only when I saw this past episode of Top Model that I figured out who Patrick Demarchelier AMAZING photographer.  He has worked for almost every top fashion magazine in the world.  I'm talking all Vogues.  Plus has shot for many upscale campaigns.  Looking at his work has really changed my view of fashion photography.  Some of his images are pretty risque but hey. That's fashion.
Till Next Time,
Alyssa Rucker

Fav Fall Accessories!

Lately, I have been feeling very inspired by accessories. Needless to say, accessories can make an outfit and being that I am on a budget, accessories are the key to savvy girls wardrobe. Not only are accessories cheaper than purchasing a new outfit but the fall accessories are gorgeous and everywhere! Summer accessories have nothing on these fall babies. Just another reason to love Arizona in the fall! So, without further adieu, I will share my personal favorite fall accessories :)

-Bulky/chunky necklaces! I bought one from H&M a week ago and it pulls every plain outfit into a fashion statement.
-Decorative tights. These tights add a bit of seduction to ensembles, creating a chic/urban look. 

-Fringe. Fringe purses, clutches, necklaces, scarves, shoes, name it.

-Wool head wraps. 
-Turquoise! This is a Leila Michaela Cushion Cabochon Ring. Ahh! Love!
-Bangles, bangles and more bangles! I personally like wearing gold bangles but these are fabulous as well!
-This is just a tie-up of the overall picture of my favorite fall accessories!
-Lindsay Jo

Mulberry for Target

Every season Target features a designer in all of their departments and this fall the featured designer is Mulberry which makes handbags. This wave of english fashion is most definitely an improvement to the Target scene. With cross the shoulder bags, totes, and satchels all in very consumer friendly styles this brand will be around in Target for a while. The center piece of this collection is the pink leopard print that is available along the black and denim colors. In a winter filled with drab and dark colors this eye catching print is drawing in masses of crowds. Mulberry is a very coveted brand in England and is the newest wave of fashion from across the pond that people are saying will stay around as long as the Beatles.


How Much Should You Spend On Jeans?

For me, stylish jeans are essential for every season! Plus there are so many types of jeans that no matter what you end up needing at least # pairs so that you have some for each outfit. Lets take a look:

A Classic Bootcut by ROCK REVIVAL

A Sparkly Skinny cut by DSQUARED2

A Washed Out Distressed Look by 7 FOR ALL MANKIND

A Boyfriend Slouch by PRPS HEIRLOOM

Those are just a few of the styles, actually listing all of them would be insane, and to add that after you choose the style of denim you must choose the type of wash to wear! This is very crucial, as the wrong wash can completely ruin an outfit.

What I am really wondering is what you are willing to pay for a pair of jeans? To me, jeans are a staple to every wardrobe, and quality truly matters on them. You don't want them to not fit right or be too short, so I always invest in my jeans, its not like they don't last a super long time, I mean seriously how often do you wear jeans? If it is an everyday basis then there is most likely something wrong with your wardrobe deeper than the issue of how much to pay for your jeans. 

Anyways, according to SHINE from Yahoo! a $150 dollar pair of jeans is a good deal, scientifically proven! They state on average a person wears their jeans 428 times, so if you are spending only $0.36 each time you wear those $150 jeans! That is totally an acceptable amount to pay each time you slide into those sweet babies. This is going to be my new bargain to my parents, I mean it is scientifically proven!

Until Next Time . . . Cortney Kaminski 

Special thanks to Shine on Yahoo!

Lauren Conrad: Behind the Seams

Lauren Conrad has lived her life on camera since she was seventeen letting us first peek into her life as a cast member on Laguna Beach. We envied her breezy California lifestyle and rooted for her and Stephen Colletti to finally get together. On The Hills her regular club appearances and spats with then-bff Heidi Montag took the spotlight. We never thought the reality starlet would show her face on the small screen when she suprised everyone with the news of her new yet-to-be titled reality show documenting the creation of her new fashion line. Her new line Paper Crown will be launched with her friend/roomate Maura McManus and will consist of clothing, heels, and accessories.


A Bazaar November

I've recently fell in love with business casual wear (imagining as I rift through the racks at H&M the perfect pantsuit which would say both "professional" and "chic").  My November issue of Harper's Bazaar (which I received just two days ago) sported just the spread to satisfy my new interest. Apparently it's true, designers know what you'll like before you do.

have a happy week!

Off the Shoulder

Hey everyone! Last weekend my friends and I went shopping and there was one item that we searched high and low for and that was off-the-shoulder sweaters and sweatshirts. I can honestly say we must have tried around 50-60 different assortments of sweaters, shirts and sweatshirts that were all off-the-shoulder.

some examples I have found:

these were both found at

xoxo Newlin