Be Festive in Fair Isle

For years Fair Isle has been associated with ski resorts and winter, but this year the pattern has proven to be a staple in the fashion world. Already, the knitting pattern has been showcased on fall runways and worn by many celebrities. I love this pattern because it seems to bring out the festive mood of the holidays and is simple to wear with almost any clothing item. Sweaters with the Fair Isle design pair well with jeans, leggings and boots. The pattern has also expanded to pieces including sweater dresses, socks, leggings and scarves. Fair isle can be dressed up or down, and is the perfect accent to a merry holiday season. 
Happy holidays to everyone!
Erin Kennedy

Victoria's Secret Fair Isle sweaterdress

Fair Isle skirt on Dolce and Gabbana Fall 2010 runway

Victoria Beckham in a Fair Isle sweater

Gryphon Fair Isle leggings

Become the Center of Attention this Christmas Eve

Looking for something completely stellar to wear this Christmas Eve? 

Well I have just the look for you...

Betsey Johnson

Classy, elegant and sophisticated. To me this is the perfect gown to grab everyone's attention the moment you walk in the door. The white and grey fading into each other are simply magical. Then that satin belt adds another touch of class to the look. This simple dress ideally should be paired with a timeless black choker, black or diamond studs, and strappy black heels. The full skirt and sweetheart neckline make me fall in love all over again!

Happy Holidays!!!

Cortney Kaminski

Holiday Dresses

Just because you want to look like a million bucks doesn't mean you have to! This is twenty dollars from Forever 21 but no one would ever know in this dress! Holiday style is the same colors every year: green, red, and black. But this year change it up and wear some grey, it is just as festive especially when worn in a metallic. This dress can be worn to a work or family function with a blazer over it or out for a new years party! No matter what you wear the holidays are all about fun so make sure to have tons of it! Until next year :)


Looking for that Special Dress to Impress that Special Someone on NYE?

Look no further. J. Crew and Madewell have the perfect holiday glam dresses for this New Year's Eve. 

J. Crew has this gorgeous three-quarter length shimmering sequined dress that comes in a dusty lilac color. 

However, on the cheaper side, Madewell has this "Last Dance Dress" in a glistening silver. 
Perfect for the holidays and New Year's parties. 

You can top either of these looks off with a neutral heel or even a brown leather boot. You will be glamourous and will surely impress everyone at the party. But who do you need to impress? As long as you impress yourself and feel good, that's all that matters in the end. Well, it may be nice to get lucky under the mistletoe as well. ;)
Happy Holidays!




Cream colors, bows, and bling,oh my!

This holiday season I plan on deckng the halls in a soft off white babydoll dress by Max Azria! I love the classic romantic look and innocent feel of this dress because of the huge bow and chiffon material. The soft look is perfect for holidays and I can't wait to wear this with some glittery peep toes and shiney jewlry. If your looking for a similar romantic and classic holiday look, Forever 21 has a very reasonably priced holiday selection. I found the dress below for only $14.00! Very merry indeed.
Cheers, Alex

Holiday Style: Rhinestones+Ruffles


Alice + Olivia always has the most beautiful cocktail dresses. This makes it perfect for the holidays! I adore this dress because its the perfect combination of rhinestones and ruffles. When I think of Christmas or New Years, its always nice to have a little sparkle. While, reds and golds are the typical colors for a wardrobe blues and grays are just as appropriate. This outfit can be perfectly paired with black booties or heels, whichever is your choice depending on where you are wearing it to. If you love this style of dresses you can find more Alice+Olivia dresses on shopbop.com. And even if you find yourself not being drawn to this designer, there are plenty of options on this site for your shopping holiday needs.

Stay Classy and Fabulous my darling fashionistas!


Jacqueline Valle


Gary Pepper Vintage

The amount of fashion bloggers emerging over the years is just incredible and inpirational. I follow many fashion bloggers for their unique style obviously, but I also do love to read about those who share their ambitions and amazing achievements within fashion. That's why Nicole Warne of Gary Pepper Vintage is at the top of my list of favorite fashion bloggers. She is the successful creator and owner of the online boutique Gary Pepper Vintage and also another online store, Gary Pepper Pieces. She isn't just your average entrepreneur, she's an entrepreneur with an exquisite fashion sense. 

Posted by Thuy An B.

Sea of Shoes

Jane Aldridge, blogger of Sea of Shoes, is a great fashion blog to follow. She is very unique and I love it. She has a love for shoes and anything vintage. Not to mention she wears the most fabulous accessories. Her blog shows everything she is wearing, her home decor, her travels, and all of her little drawings. She is a trend setter for sure, I have never seen anything like her before. I discovered her from Seventeen Magazine and have been a follower ever since! Check out Sea of Shoes, you won't be disappointed!

Stay Fabulous Fashionistas
xoxo, Haley B.

Cupcakes and Cashmere

Hey everyone! I hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving. I spent black Friday in New York City and it was fabulous!! All of the stores there are all decorated for the holidays. I wrote about my favorite fashion blogger during the week where we wrote about our favorite fashion icons so this week I will write about another blogger that I enjoy. The site: cupcakesandcashmere.com features a range of great outfits, how-to tips and recipes.

here are a few great outfits:

xoxo Newlin

The Lo Down

I've always liked Lo Bosworth and I think she's emerged from the reality television world with a very helpful and informative blog. It's my go-to blog because it has sections on relationships, health, style, beauty, and life. I also enjoy how there are different authors on the blog so you get multiple points of view. Although some of her fashion advice and inspirations can be impractical for day-to-day she still writes very down to earth and I can usually incorporate her insights into my everyday outfits. I also enjoy the easy layout of the website and how it's not cluttered with ads or promotions for other blogs like many other blogs. 

-Jamie Killin

Park & Cube

I went through a phase almost two years ago when I just discovered blogging and spent hours looking through different fashion blogs, however, now I only read one or two because I tend to be very particular when it comes to blogs. My favorite fashion blogs are written by bloggers who post their own personal style not just internet snap shots, they have unique tastes, and take risks. Also, it doesn't hurt to have nice quality pictures and a clean layout. Overall, I look for something in fashion blogs that I can't get in a magazine or a Google search.

Today I would consider Shini Park from "Park & Cube" to be my favorite fashion blogger.
I love everything about her blog: its minimal layout, high-res pictures, entertaining posts and innovative style. Shini regularly posts pictures of her day to day looks. She often attends fashion events and visits designer boutiques of which she photo-documents for her blog. I'm never disappointed when I visit Park & Cube :)

And what better time than now to highligt Shini's blog which had its 2 year anniversary just 6 days ago (November 22nd)!
Shini Park's Fashion Evolution:  

November 2008
November 2009
November 2010
Hope everyone stops by her blog and has a great week!

Style Rookie

If you don't already know her by now, I present the cutest, funniest and most knowledgable fashion blogger I've ever come across - oh, did I mention she's 14?

Tavi Gevinson is a Chicago-based middle schooler who began Style Rookie when she was only 11 years old. Since the birth of her blog, her fame has blossomed full throttle. She has already been featured in the New York Times magazine, Teen Vogue, French Vogue and Glamour Magazine, grazed the cover of Pop Magazine and was named "Vogueista" by Vogue Italia. Not impressed yet? She has been honored by Rei Kawakubo (founder of Comme des Garcons) and Miu Miu, has skipped school to attend the Paris haute couture shows, inspired Rodarte's line for Target and has attended New York Fashion Week. TWICE.

This is genius.

Regardless of all of her public accomplishments, this girl sure knows her stuff. I mean, what 14-year-old do you know that can look at a dress and instinctively know that it is from Alexander McQueen's SS03 line? Not only is Tavi's blog insightful and educational, it is also really refreshing. I always enjoy her collages, especially the ones shown above, and her ramblings about school, friends and parents are so honest and nostalgic. Tavi is definitely a fashion blogger to look out for and I'm excited to be one of her tens of thousands of readers watching her grow up into a remarkable woman.


P.S. Tavi is also creating a magazine with the founder of Sassy magazine! Be on the look out for it!


I love fashion and their bloggers, but sometimes they don't give credit to the photographer that made them look so good.  While cruising some magazines website I came across this wonderful photographer that combines fashion and amazing profile shots in one.  The name of the blog is Hanneli Mustaparta and she has shot for many upscale magazines including Vogue.  She usually shoots people with more contemporary, classic style with a little bit of flame, everyday things she goes to.  She makes everyone look phenomenal. 
I want this Afro!

I have this lace top in black!

Till Next Time,
Alyssa Rucker

The Hollywood Fashionista!

The Hollywood Fashionista is a blog devoted to the hottest trends in LA, the cutest classic looks, and some upbeat music to browse to! I adore this blog based on the fact that it is run by Aisha, a 20-year-old,  young trendsetter who is very relatable and loves giving fashion advice to all of her fans and followers. Aisha posts pictures of everything new and refreshing in Hollywoodland before most people even notice the trend. I find all of her posts, whether it be a picture of who wore what at an award show 20 minutes ago, or pictures of her dream closet, to be very on point. Check her out and I promise you won't be dissapointed.


Cheers, Alex