White Winter

Now I know that it doesn't snow in Tempe, but last time I checked it is still winter. This leads me to ponder why on earth I saw a girl today wearing WHITE shorts over tights/leggings? The top half of what she was wearing was cute, some cape like sweater thing, which is currently in style, capes and coats, but then the lower half of her was begging for renewal. It may be a white winter in flagstaff but it is not okay to wear summer shorts over tights! So ladies please, like our last post, don't half ass it, and certainly don't wear white. The season of scarves, coats and boots will be long gone before we know it. Enjoy it while it last and keep those summer itches in for a few months longer.



Please...don't half-ass-it


A trend I found walking around campus today: girls are half-assing their outfits.

I saw this one girl who had on these gorgeous, high heel, calf boots. Now, she was wearing some nice jeans, so that's ok. But then she wore a tshirt with it... A TSHIRT with boots that hot?! No way. Put on your favorite hot top and a cute jacket or scarf. Boots that beautiful deserve to be paired with something equally awe-worthy.

Second example, I saw a girl in my sociology class who was wearing a really pretty black and white blouse with a light, rhinestone-collared sweater...and then it all came crashing down to light-colored First, light-colored jeans are to be saved for the summer and spring. Second, don't ruin a feminine blouse w/ jeans. Dress it w/ some nice slacks or a skirt. If you really have to wear jeans, then wear your best black jeans.

So, tip of the day, don't half-ass your outfits; it looks silly. Either dress up and look your best, or wear your most comfortable jeans and a sweatshirt.

That's all for now.



Louis Vuitton Fall 2010

For the Fall 2010 Louis Vuitton Menswear, the designer had keen eye on a sophisticated look and yet somehow managed to invite life preservers and man purses into the mix. Even though half the collection is what we aspire our men to look like, I think the image present is a good representation of the what I am talking about, I wonder when vest jackets became a trend again? The usage of grays and browns are prominent throughout the whole line and while giving us a hint of color like yellow and blue, it really represents fall. There really is nothing better than men well-dressed up in fitted jackets and a nice pair of pants.

By: Jacque


Pleather, Never Felt Better

The start of a new semester always brings interesting people to campus. Every time I have stepped foot onto the Main Campus I always see new people. With the large amount of students that attend such a big university, it allows us to see the diversity in style. Today, I wore my red Lucky Brand V-Neck Sweater Dress in Support of Haiti! I heard about it on Facebook and was hoping to see other fellow students supporting it too but, no luck. So to start off a new year, there's nothing like wearing a sweater dress, leggings and leather boots with a cropped pleather jacket. Leather jackets will always be in, so I think all you fellow fashionistas should own one sometime in your life. It is definitely a stable in a wardrobe just like the LBD. I've been seeing leather jackets as a trend for a while now every winter. They're like the west coast peacoat. While most leather jackets are in the pricey range, if they're real that is, but I've never been better without my pleather jacket from H&M. It feels like leather but its not. I wouldn't like to say its pleather cause those look hideous but this one has some special material that makes it feel like its 50% more real. Whether its pleather or leather just make sure it's fabulous enough to wear, and beautiful enough to not feel completely like a faux.



EcoDiva Taryn Hipwell

Phoenix Fashion Week and Fashion Arizona Meetup kicked off the year last night with Green-Power at ACUA Lounge in the Scottsdale Waterfront.

EcoDiva Taryn Hipwell spoke to the crowd about her website, Eco Divas TV, and about the future in Green. From the lipstick you wear, to the fabrics we love, Hipwell explained that it's time we start making the switch to non-toxic, eco-friendly products.

She said the hardest part in the new eco-friendly business is getting people involved and educated, which is where she steps in. Hipwell says no one can wake up one morning and start twelve new eco-friendly habits. Instead, Hipwell suggests picking one new habit or eco-friendly change a month. Maybe this month you start bringing your canvas bags to the grocery store, next month you start recycling all your water bottles, and in March you toss your old lipsticks and buy yourself some toxic free gloss. By taking baby steps, Hipwell says your efforts will eventually become second nature; and by the end of the year, you will be calling yourself an Eco Diva (or an Eco Bro like many of the men owned last night)! When you are being environmentally conscious about your life, your friends will pick up on it, too.

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Stay Green, Fashionistas,

Photos by Mikel Florman