College student friendly tricks to being healthy

Being a college student already brings about great difficulty in finding ways to eat healthy. But when we’re deceived daily by labels and advertisements telling the public inaccurate information about what is healthy, it makes it even more of a challenge to stay true to our diets.

My best advice for anyone who wants to lose weight is to avoid processed foods at all costs. They’re fake food made in factories, David Ludwig, M.D., Ph.D., director of the pediatric weight loss Optimal Weight for Life Program in Boston, said.

I found this astonishing statistic while doing research on EverydayHealthy.com  “Any food that has been canned, dehydrated, or had chemicals added to it is a processed food, and these foods make up about 60 percent of the average American diet.” 

And these foods are everywhere, which makes it even more difficult to avoid ingesting processed foods.
Photo Credit: Kathleen Etzel
Artificial sweeteners that are “diet friendly” are said to do more harm to our bodies than sugar. Sweeteners such as aspartame, sucralose and saccharin are all types of artificial sweeteners. Studies suggest that artificial sweeteners are linked to headaches and cancer, not to mention they are chemically made which is harder for your body to digest.

You can find these in packets on the table at a restaurant, in diet drinks or sugar free items. I went around and polled 10 people at the ASU Downtown Campus to see who used artificial sweeteners daily. 

It turned out that eight out of the ten people I asked used sweeteners daily and didn’t see the harm in using it, they just really cared about the taste.

Ryan Hill, freshman at ASU commented on artificial sweeteners saying, “ It’s a lot more accessible and less expensive than real sugar, but it tastes the same”

Some other foods I found that you would think are healthy that aren’t; granola bars, fruit snacks and frozen yogurt. Shocking I know but frozen yogurt is still loaded with sugar and calories not too mention the toppings added in. Both granola bars and fruit snacks are also loaded with sugar.

The secret to being healthy is looking at the ingredients and knowing less is more. If it takes you longer than 10 seconds to read the label, chances are that it is not healthy!

Kathleen Etzel


SAG Awards red carpet recap

The annual Screen Actors Guild Awards featured a plethora of new fashion styles and creative designs. The inspirational awards show is both to appreciate the actors' talent as well as their fashion sense. Some famous names to be noted who appeared on the red carpet are as follows:

Brad Pitt opted for a classic black suit and his leading lady, Angelina Jolie also chose a casual black Jenny Packham ensemble.  Jolie added a Louis Vuitton bag and Gucci shoes, but said she wanted to be comfortable.

George Clooney, who has been nominated for his talent in The Descendants, sported a Giorgio Armani tux. Stacy Keibler followed his lead by wearing a black Marchesa dress. Both ensembles display a very body-flattering image.

Yet another black dress worn on the red carpet was by actress Emma Stone. This Alexander McQueen lace bustier dress contrasts beautifully with her skin tone. Simple accessories such as her clutch and Tiffany & Co. diamond jewelry emphasize the overall elegance. 

Another fellow Marchesa-lover, the Modern Family actress, rocked a pink Marchesa original favorite. The shape of the gown added a feminine silhouette to Sofia Vergara's curves. 

Glee star, Lea Michele confidently stepped out in a sexy, silver Versace dress. To add extra sprinkles to the outfit, she pairs it with Lorraine Schwartz jewels. 

Sarah Stecko

Photos' Source: The Daily Beast


Paris Haute Couture

The Paris Haute Couture shows took place January 23rd through January 25th and featured many high fashion designers with looks that ranged from Rock and Roll goddess to a more prairie like princess. 

Haute couture shows allow designers to let loose and create looks that border on madness, which makes it incredibly engaging for viewers.


Versace started off the week featuring architectural dresses with feminine details like lace, ruching and huge roses. The colors moved from a neutral light grey to a bright yellow, with pops of metallic gold, lime green and fiery orange. 

Alexis Mabille

Drama was definitely the tone at the Alexis Mabille show with all models wearing huge rose headdresses with their faces painted to match. Pink, red, yellow, teal, blue and purple metallic fabrics made the business-structured clothes fun and fabulous. 

Christian Dior
Dior channeled a 50’s housewife with A-line and pencil skirts that hit below the knee paired with voluminous tops that broadened the models shoulders. The show then transitioned into evening gowns that featured sheer fabric cutouts and looks drawn in at the waist. 


Lagerfeld turned up the drama with oversized sleeves and massive pockets on the mid-thigh. With a range of fabrics from tweed to metallic with beaded details this show was anything but ordinary, even with a neutral color palette of light grey, white, black, and navy. 

Floor length gowns were spiced up with metallic fabrics paired with leather and fur accessories. Models also wore massive nose rings that further pushed the looks from traditional to high fashion. 

Alexandre Vauthier
Plunging necklines and slits up to the hipbone created a seductive runway show with a fantasy-like quality. Black and white material was draped in ways that showed off the models figure while still maintaining an effortless quality. 

Elie Saab
High necklines and lace dominated the Elie Saab runway. A soft, pastel color palette and dresses cinched in at the waist with a small bow belt created ultra feminine looks reminiscent of dresses worn in the 1800’s. 

Jean Paul Gaultier
Using the late Amy Whinehouse as his inspiration, Gaultier created a runway show that combined rock and roll with Hollywood pinup. The hot pink runway perfectly complimented the other neon colors that complimented the singer’s signature black lace. 

The Valentino runway looked like something straight off the prairie featuring looks with high necks, long sleeves, lace, and floral prints. Flat shoes complimented the looks that transported viewers back in time. 

All the designers at Paris Haute Couture week definitely surpassed expectations and created shows that are not soon to be forgotten.  

Lindsay Viker


Fast fashion fixes for the girl always on the go

You’re on your way out and feeling confident as ever. Your outfit has been picked out since the beginning of the week and your hair was absolutely loving you. SNAP! Your heel breaks. 

Something as detrimentally imposing as a broken heel should not cause you to stand crooked all night. These quick fashion fixes will solve all your problems and set your ensemble straight!

Two words: shoe goo. Apply a bit of this adhesive to the sole of your shoes where the heel connects to it and hold in place for about 60 seconds. Now there’s an sure fire way to “pump” up your night.

Carrie Adams, a Freshman at Arizona State University,  said, “My biggest fashion pet peeve is when I have to go somewhere after a long day and I don’t have all of my make-up and need just a quick pick-me-up such as something to really brighten up my face.”

This slight annoyance should not stop you from achieving the brightly glowing complexion you deserve. Without having to cart your extensive make-up regimen around, stick to the rule of thumb “less is more” by instead using a portable facial moisturizer.

Photo Credit
Jergen’s Natural Glow moisturizer is an ideal solution to produce an even skin tone. It doesn’t leave streaks and instead gives you a healthy, natural-looking glow.  With it's success in evening out skin irregularities, a tinted moisturizer is a must!

Amanda Boris, a junior at Arizona State University said, “I seem to ALWAYS scuff my heels or wedges the day after buying them, and unless it's black [sic] you can't pull out the permanent marker on them then I never know what to do.”

A girl hasn’t done her job if she comes home with clean shoes. The inevitable scuff has become synonymous with having a good time, so therefore we shall no longer have to play it safe with this quick fashion fix.

Rub each of the scuff marks gently with your hand to remove them; the oils in your skin will help the mark disappear. Dip a soft polishing cloth into shoe wax and apply the wax in small circles over the scuffs and then let them dry for about 15 minutes. Once dry, use that same cleaning cloth to buff the shoe until it’s even once again. Voila! Don’t be surprised if your friends mistake them for brand new.

Photo Credit
A common make-up mishap is the moment when both your heart and compact powder breaks. All hope seems lost as you’re bending over to rescue the remainder of powder from your compact, but once again there is yet another solution for this foundation flop.

Add a few small drops of an alcohol-based solution to your broken powder. Once the powder becomes soft again, reform it by smoothing it out with your finger and then let it dry overnight for best results!

For stubborn make-up stains, you can use a mild detergent such as shampoo or liquid dish soap. Apply it in a circular motion onto the stain with a dish cloth. If this doesn’t work immediately, baking soda is your new best friend, helping to not only remove bad odors but to also help in the removal of oil-based make-up stains. Use an old damp toothbrush to apply it in circular motions.

With these quick and easy fashion fixes, you will no longer have to settle for anything less than perfect, or at least tricking people into thinking it is. From grime to glam, broken to brand new, or lifeless to lustrous, these tricks are foolproof! With these in mind you’ll be sure to stand tall… Because “broken heel” is just no longer in your vocabulary.

Avery Robrock


Top 5 winter workout guidelines to get you back on track after the holidays

Hopefully every one had a fulfilling holiday break and made the most out of the acceptable time-of-year to slack on his or her healthy regimen.  Though gorging on food is less socially acceptable now; it’s time to get back on track. Here are a couple of simple workout tips when facing this season that may help:
Photo Credit
1 -  Fact: you actually burn more calories when you work out during the winter because your body has to work harder to stay warm. However, this might not help you much in Phoenix in the middle of the day, but it is still cold enough in early morning or when the sun goes down to go out and use this to your advantage. Simply by getting out into the cold weather is a good place to start.

2 -  Hydrate: just because it’s no longer so hot that the second you step outside you start sweating doesn’t mean you can’t easily get dehydrated.  Drinking at least eight ounces of water is recommended every day.

3 - Wear bright colors. It gets darker earlier now so if you are out late and it starts getting dark you want to make sure you are safe and visible. Besides, it doesn’t hurt to wear bright colors, brights are in this season.

4 - Swimsuit season is only a couple months away. If you want to work on getting a bikini-ready stomach it’s best to start now. The abdominal portion of the P90x workout is an effective way to reach that goal. As a forewarning it is a rigorous exercise so you will need to work on your endurance. Try starting out with what you are able to do and work up to being able to finish the entire exercise. The P90x abdominal portion can be found here.

5 - Plan out a routine. You won’t be able to see results if you workout sporadically.  Find the times you won’t be too tired and have enough free time do complete an effective workout. 

Newlin Tillotson


Best stylish workout apparel of the season

It’s that time of year when the gyms are overcrowded, empty workout machines are nowhere to be found and cute guys are in plain site. It’s hard enough to keep your look up when surrounded by sweat, but fashion is taking over those bland and unflattering workout clothes and turning them into hot new workout wear to get you noticed while getting fit.

ASU freshman Sierra Oshrin uses LuLu Lemon’s clothing line for all her workout needs.

“LuLu Lemon has the best workout clothes ever! They are expensive, but last forever,” Oshrin said. “They have accessories and clothes for every type of workout activity.”

Photo Credit
In September 2004 Stella McCartney launched her joint venture line with Adidas. While you might not have heard about this collaboration recently, it’s worth looking into. The collection consists of clothing for every form of exercise from yoga and gym wears to skiing and hiking clothing.

Stella McCartney is quoted on the Adidas site saying, “I wanted to make sports clothes for women that didn’t look like an afterthought. The key is these clothes enhance your performance, they look good but they also do a job.”

Another great trending label for work out wear is Gap Inc.’s Athleta.  Athleta has active wear for women for every workout. With reasonable prices and a wide variety of items its no wonder that 2012 has become Athleta’s year.

They recently released their first ad campaign with the slogan “Power to the She”.

"Athleta customers want to do it all δΈ€ they lead extremely active and busy lives," Tess Roering, Athleta's vice president of marketing and creative, said in a statement to the Los Angeles Times. "Their desire to keep reaching for more is what 'Power to the She' is all about."

So who knows, maybe all you need is a new outfit to find that little bit of motivation to look good, feel good and hit the gym!

Kathleen Etzel


Jason Wu for Target Collaboration

Get ready fashionistas, February 5 Jason Wu will be coming to a Target near you.

Yes, you heard right. Designer Jason Wu collaborated with Target for his first mass-retailer project which will offer signature Wu dresses, feminine tops, handbags and scarves for just 20-60 dollars.

Someone pinch me, this must be a dream. I, like many other college fashionistas, will finally be able to afford some Wu.  The NY based designer who designed first lady Michelle Obama’s iconic white off-the-shoulder inaugural dress has quickly become a household name, making him an easy choice for a Target collaboration.

“Jason is one of the most influential designers in the fashion industry today,” Trish Adams, senior vice president of apparel and accessories at Target, told the NY Post. “We knew that guests would love finding his chic signature style at Target. His designs are perfectly suited for a springtime collection.”

The best thing about this collection is that it will probably live in your closet longer than just a season. The collection offers classic timeless pieces that definitely don’t scream “Target”.

The collection plays on classic Wu with feminine silhouettes, sophistication and elegance, also taking inspiration from films.

“My inspiration came from the French new wave films — in particular the women who defined this movement, such as Anna Karina and Jean Seberg,” Wu, 29, told the NY Post. “I wanted the collection to have a sophisticated voice with an American sportswear spin.”

The 53 piece collection will be available online and in stores Feb. 5 but after what happened with the Missoni collection back in September, don’t delay getting your hands on some Wu.

Wu told the NY Post he was flattered by the collaboration and I know fashionistas everywhere are just as grateful and excited as he is.

Haley Buntrock
Vice President


Rachel Zoe to launch two new lines

The Rachel Zoe Collection, which currently has shoes, bags and ready-to-wear, will have two new lines added to it in February, although designer Rachel Zoe is keeping them under wraps for now.
Photo Credit
“I can’t say what they are yet. I’d have to kill you if I told you,” said Zoe in an LG promotion video.

The celebrity stylist turned reality star turned fashion designer is known for her “easy glamour” and although there is no word on what she is adding to her line, most are speculating it will either be in the denim, lingerie or eyewear category.

“I’m on my constant mission to create a lifestyle brand,” continues Zoe in her promotional video. “I want everything to be Rachel Zoe, head to toe.”

With the addition of her two newsletters, Zoe Beautiful and AccessZOEries, some are also thinking that the designer could be launching a beauty or accessories line.

The beauty newsletter consists of basic make-up and hair tips while the accessories newsletter showcases shoes, handbags and lots of jewelry.

We all know we wouldn’t mind effortlessly glam make-up and jewels from Zoe.

Zoe’s first collection was hugely successful. Fashionistas, critics and celebrities everywhere are looking forward to the new additions to her line this February.

Haley Buntrock
Vice President

Fashion from the Golden Globes' red carpet 2012

The stars truly shined as they hit the 69th annual Golden Globes red carpet on Jan. 15. Seeing the guests arrive at the Beverly Hilton Hotel is almost as thrilling as wondering what quips will come out of host Ricky Gervais’s mouth!

“This is always the most fun night of the year," said Stacy Keibler, girlfriend of George Clooney.

So let’s dive right in. Here are the fashion hits and misses of the most amusing night in Hollywood.

The Hits:
Photo Credit
Charlize Theron in Dior Couture. Theron looked stunning in this pale pink masterpiece by the French fashion house. From her jewel-encrusted Cartier headband to her strappy Givenchy heels, this elegant look was a far cry from Mavis Gary’s outlandish style in her Globe-nominated performance in “Young Adult”.
Photo Credit

Stacy Keibler in Valentino. George Clooney’s better half sizzled on the red carpet in this form-fitting red number. The back of the dress was just as gorgeous as the front, with an unexpected bow adding even more glamour to an already lovely look. Keibler’s gorgeous ensemble reminds the world that you don’t have to be a nominee to win the approval of fashion critics. 
Photo Credit
Elle Macpherson in Zac Posen. The Australian beauty resembled a real-life Barbie in this flesh-tone creation by the American designer. The tight bodice, exploding into a sea of tulle ruffles, complemented Macpherson’s physique perfectly and reminded us of why she’s still nicknamed “The Body”. 

The Misses:
Photo Credit
Mary J. Blige in Michael Kors. Blige’s dress was definitely a red carpet worst. While the color matched the pale pinks and blushes worn by others, the overall ensemble came off as cheap. The stretchy bodice did not flatter the singer’s figure and the feathers at the bottom seemed both out of place and a bit dirty. 
Photo Credit
Michelle Williams in Jason Wu. Williams’ did not impress at the awards show with this dowdy, patterned frock. The color and cut aged the “My Week With Marilyn” actress and it would have been great to see her in something more youthful and bright.
Photo Credit
Jessica Biel in Elie Saab. Speaking of dowdy dresses, Biel’s gown reigned supreme as the drabbest of them all on the carpet. It seems that she’s taking her newly engaged status a little too literally in this wedding dress look-a-like. Her messy tresses add more mess to this already chaotic ensemble and it’s eerily reminiscent of Sandra Bullock’s wedding dress in “The Proposal”. If only this was a joke…

Overall, it was a good night for fashion at the Globes. While some stars clearly missed the mark, the majority of attendees were right on target—a promising sign for the awards shows to come!

Ellen Kuni


Critics' Choice Awards Fashion Critique

Hollywood kicked off their 2012 award season in a big way with the Critics’ Choice Awards Jan. 12!

The star studded show, which aired on VH1, was chock-full of hilarious presenters, award surprises, snubs and some truly touching moments. But we’re here to talk about what’s on everyone’s mind: the clothes!

Stars That Shined:

Photo Credit
Jessica Chastain in Balenciaga: The actress told The Hollywood Reporter  “I was supposed to wear something else and it wasn't finished. This [dress] arrived today, fit perfectly and all it needed was a hem. So ten minutes before I got in the car to come here, my dress was being hemmed!” 

Well that extra rush paid off. “The Help” starlet looked absolutely radiant. The dress fit her like a glove and made great use of this season’s hot bright color trend. The bubble gum pink accented her fair skin perfectly and the slicked back hair and berry pink lips add a fun sophistication to the look.

Photo Credit
Michelle Williams in Chanel: Williams went classic with a contemporary twist in this Karl Lagerfeld design. The panels add a modern feel to the gown while the contrasting black and white color scheme alone with a waist cinching belt keep the look timeless and oh so elegant.

Minimal makeup and jewelry made sure all eyes were on the dress. The color palette also complimented the actresses newly ginger locks perfectly.

Photo Credit
George Clooney and Stacy Keibler in Armani: Talk about a two-for-one special! The Best Actor winner and his gorgeous girlfriend both stunned in Armani on the red carpet. Clooney opted for the classically chic tuxedo while his leading lady kept it simple in this figure flattering ensemble by the powerhouse designer. The pair were definitely the star couple of the night!

Stars That Didn't Rise to the Occasion:

Photo Credit
Elle Fanning in Rodarte: While usually and inspiration on the red carpet, the “Super 8” actress dropped the ball in this Rodarte Spring 2012 gown. The clashing sunflowers and sea foam green print dress is ill-fitting and does not flatter the young starlet. The metallic booties and laid back ‘just got out of bed’ hair were also not appropriate for an A-list awards show.

Photo Credit
Carrie Keagan: The host of VH1’s “Big Morning Buzz Live” clearly wanted to make a big splash on the gray carpet but her patterned, feathered frock was all wrong for this award show. The gown was simply too over-the-top and too busy. 

From the alternating skirt layers of different feathers and geometric patterns to the bodice that was clearly too big for her, it was just a lot to take in at once. On a positive note, Keagan’s simply glam hairdo and natural looking makeup were still a hit.

Photo Credit
Cicely Tyson: The experienced thespian took away the Best ensemble award along with her costars from the “The Help” but her ensemble is anything but award winning. From the poorly fitted blazer, to the feathered skirt, to the lace and inappropriately exposed bra top, to the hat and the over-the-top teardrop earrings, this outfit had me crying out for her stylist. 

It’s one thing to embrace the lace, feather, or menswear trends; it’s another to try to combine them all in one thrown together mess. Here’s hoping the talented star makes a better appearance at the next red carpet.

And there you have it folks, award season is officially underway! What do think of our top choices? Who were your best and worst dressed of the night?

Get ready for the next big red carpet event - The 69th annual Golden Globe Awards airing Sunday Jan. 14 on NBC!

Vanja Veric

National Dress Up Your Pet Day

Get your furry friends runway ready! January 14 is National Dress Up Your Pet Day.
Photo Credit
As all fashionistas know, your pet’s style is an extension of your own. This day is a time for your little sidekick to let their fur down and have fun with fashion.

From couture runway looks to homemade outfits, your pet will look fabulous as long as you keep their personality, weather conditions and of course their comfort in mind.

Colleen Paige, celebrity pet lifestyle expert and animal behaviorist, started this fun holiday in 2009 as a way to celebrate pets and contribute to the pet fashion community. Animal Miracle Network has acted as the official sponsor of this event.

"It's important to remember though, that it's not a day to disrespect our pets with uncomfortable, vulgar and/or seasonally inappropriate costumes for the sake of a laugh or photo shoot," Paige said.

Choosing outfits that allow your pet to see, hear and breathe properly keeps the day fun for everyone!
Photo Credit
Show off your kitty’s couture and your doggy’s duds through a playful photo shoot or a trip to your local pet store for a treat. Today is a day to spoil your precious pet and thank them for the love they bring to your life.

Lindsay Viker