Stylebook: A closet in the palm of your hand

These days an iPhone is basically a girl’s most loved accessory, so why not let it dress you too?

Stylebook is a new iPhone app created just for fashionistas. It has a million different features to help you find new inspiration for outfits, catalog your own wardrobe, take photos of what’s in your closet and keep track of how many times you’ve worn those shoes in the past month. 
Credit: Stylebook
Stylebook is “very useful for when you're staring at your closet full of clothes but have nothing to wear.” 

Stylebook has been featured in numerous publications including The New York Times, Harper’s Bazaar UK, InStyle and The Tyra Banks Show.

“It [is] like paper dolls!” Banks said on her show.

Within the outfit editor, Stylebook features layering tools and unlimited accessories to help you create the most intricate looks.

In Stylebook you can create categories and keep notes of specific pieces you own for easy options when you’re ready to wear them and browse or search whenever you feel like it!

Once you’ve created your perfect outfit, share it on Facebook, email it or add it to your wardrobe calendar to remember when to wear something or figure out how recently you last wore it.

After you’ve archived every last belt, scarf and hat in your closet, find inspiration on how to bring together an outfit by browsing and searching different images from blogs and other sources as well. 

The Stylebook app is easy to navigate with user friendly thumbnails and runs with average iPhone style menu bars.

How was it started?

Jessica Moore, the co-founder of Stylebook, said she got the idea while interning with Vogue and Modern Bride. Both outlets would keep written samples, records and even polaroids to document their products, which was a daunting task.

“I knew that if people were willing to go to such lengths to archive clothes by hand, I could make something for the phone to do it electronically,” Moore said.

When Stylebook was created in 2009, Moore and her other co-founder intended it to be a “fun, side project,” as they were already busy with work at Lucky Magazine and Wall Street. They got to work almost immediately and now work with Stylebook full time.

Originally, Stylebook was to be used for those in the fashion industry, but it became popular among people looking for a wardrobe organizing tool for daily use. Moore said she was shocked at how many people had written to them regarding the app, including a woman who would plan her outfits a year in advance!

And how does Moore use Stylebook? Here’s what she said:

“I recommend that people take their time when taking pictures and visit our blog and YouTube channel to get tips on the zillions of little features the app has. The better your photography, the better your outfits will look. You only have to take them once and then you can make new outfits, reference them while out shopping, or plan what to pack using those images forever! I add my images over time, so I can be really hardcore about my photography. When I have a particularly successful outfit, I'll photograph each piece for my Stylebook closet at the end of the day using a digital camera and throw together the look with the outfit editor. The next time I'm having that ‘Why can't I find anything to wear?!’ moment, I can pull out my phone and see all my favorite looks.”

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Ashley Loose